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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, August 13th!

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Good morning! Here's today's question of the day.

In the summer, when produce is so plentiful, how or where do you get it?
Do you grow your own? Do you get it right from the farmer (right at the farm, road side stand or farmer's market?) Or do you purchase it at the grocery store?

Last night, my mother and I went to a local blueberry farm and picked 20 pounds of blueberries! I plan to make some pies this weekend, and freeze them, to enjoy this coming winter (I already have plenty of raspberries frozen to do pies this weekend, too!) In our town, Wednesday's and Saturday's the farmer's market is open. I'm leaving in a couple of minutes to go shopping. I really enjoy the farmer's market. The local Amish bring their breads and baked goods to sell, along with the produce. I usually can't resist picking up some perennial flowers for my garden. I'm looking for some salmon colored chrysanthemums. I always make a huge haul on Wednesday!!!
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I purchase it with my groceries, unless i have a couple of yearly trips to the farm shop
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I usually grow something every year, this year it's tomatoes. But there is a great little road side stand that we get most everything from.
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I grow most everything I need.

That being said since the coons are eating my sweet corn I'll have to buy some.

I go the farmers markets or sometimes a roadside stand.

I don't grow cauliflower as its a bit of a challenge so I usually buy it. It looks like I will have to buy peppers to this year as the plants aren't doing anything!!
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I am growing oinions, zucchini, and tomatoes. (My corn turned out to be squirrel food )

Hubby and I get some produce from the farmer's market (corn, melons)

Some produce still comes from the store (baby carrots, celery)
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I get quite a lot of my vegetables from my brother who grows a huge garden every year...There is also a farmer's market a couple of streets over from me where I get lots of fruit as well..
It is great little place because it also features lots of baked goods, jams, and such produced by a local Mennonite Community.
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I'm jealous of all you that can grow your own produce! As I kid, my family grew tomatoes, cucumbers, and pumpkins, but that was only once in a great while. Now, my yard is so rinky-dinky I can't hardly grow weeds in it!

So, I get 95% of my produce from the grocery store. Occassionally, I make it to the farmer's market, but that is rare...
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Some at the grocery, some at the farmers market and some I grow. Well I dont grow just some fruit trees that I go pick fruit from.

Over the weekend Jim picked about 60 pears out of the backyard. , so I made this really yummy pear thing I just threw together, with butter, sugar and flour. We had several people over who tried it and it was really delcious to be so simple.
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Mostly from the grocery store, and some from the Hispanic food stands at the flea market. Sometimes from big styrofoam coolers that people bring to church, if I'm lucky
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I sometimes go to the flea market but I am more likely to go to our local farm which is the only one left in my part of the county. I get buy the fruits and veggies they sell there and the rest from my grocery store.
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We grow cherry tomatoes, scarlet runner beans and rhubarb, in quantities that feed us well with some to share. Other than that, I'll pick up the odd thing in the supermarket, but mostly I shop at green grocers or farmers' markets. There don't seem to be many roadside stands this year, but they tend to have some of the best corn from the valley.
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We hav alot of fruit trees and I will grow a Garden this year. I want to go to the Farmers Market but we havent gone because its so hard to park there. I do go to farms and stands. They say fruit right on the corner by my House also. I buy it in the store also.
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Actually we do all 3 - we currently have purple green beans, tomatoes and peppers in our garden. We've harvested the beans twice, and are waiting on the tomatoes and peppers to get full grown. We got planted late in the season (even the farmers did).

We buy some local (corn, tomatoes) until ours are ready. Same for the food store - we only buy a little till our stuff is ready.
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Unfortunately, living in such a large city- it's really hard to find any famers with fresh grown crops right off a stand in our area. (i miss living on a farm!!!!)

So i normally buy my produce from the grocery store. If i have time though, there's a little store near my house called "Easy Way" that sells only fresh produce they get from Farmers near our area- so i like to go there when i can- it's usually less expensive there too!

If i am out near our agra center then i will go there and get produce, but that's usually a bit of a drive though so i don't do that often.
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I adore Summer produce and keep the produce stands in business this time of year!
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