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I stayed with a roommate who we took to the hospital once; if I remember correctly, she was seriously allergic to some red ants she was bitten by. I've also had mere acquaintances drive me to the hospital and stay with me as I got stitched up.

However, if the driver and the drivee both would rather not have the driver hang around, why hang around? I can certainly imagine some combinations of personalities being better with not being accompanied.

Dropping someone off at the ER would not be my choice, but I don't think it makes any sense to condemn it, either.
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I agree - I would never leave my husband at the ER, and he would never leave me - unless we had both agreed for the other to go home.

If she's a nice person, I doubt she's heartless - she just probably didn't bother mentioning that her husband told her to go home, get some sleep and pick him up when he was done.
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Without a doubt, I'd be there waiting with him.

That happened about a year ago, when my boyfriend had a kidney stone, except we didn't know that before we went. He was in so much pain, and I drove him to the hospital at 6 a.m. and waited with him until almost noon. I called out of work since it was a weekday and told them about the situation.

I would never be able to just drop him off and leave him and go back to bed or go to work.
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