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Daily Thread HUMP day August 13th!

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Mornin friendlies

Thunderstorms today, and not all that hot. What happened to summer?

Not much going on today..heading to work and then likely the gym afterward. I haven't been in over a week due to my trip. I am gettin flabby

Anyway, have a good one folks!
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White and flabby-the horrors!!

Its overcast here too wants to rain so I'm holding off work until I know it will be dry.

Have a dentist appt this afternoon-should have made it for this morning due to the uncertain weather-oh well can't predict the future!!

Went to pick corn yesterday afternoon and raccoons have destroyed half my corn crop!!
I was able to salvage 7 cobs with 4 of those not entirely ripe. The other half is about 7-10 days away from harvest. I don't have lots of options against raccoons until I live trap them. Never had a problem before since we have moved here back 1987.
Grrrrrr.......this was a really good looking crop too with all the rain.

Baks is snoozing already-he was a little stinker last night as we were doing some measurements in the family room ceiling and he crawled up the ladder and jumped on the bookshelf and was looking at a way to jump on the trusses. He was happy-a new area to explorer!!

Anyway have a good hump day!!
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Morning All!!!

Cool and rainy again, Guess it was to much to hope for to have two sunny days in a row..

Heading off to work shortly then dropping off some library books afterwards.

They are doing a travelogue of Greece at the library between 4-5 so I might stay for that..Greece is one of the countries that I would like to visit some day..

The kitties are good this morning, Pixie and Sassy are napping and Linus is birdwatching..

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning all!

Not much going on today. I'm a bit worn out- the weekend was a lot of fun, but I got no sleep, and it's starting to catch up to me!

Tonight I need to do laundry, but that's about it. Caught up on most other stuff. Oh, we are on our own feeding the ferals today! We've always been meeting the other lady there, but she wants a day off today.

Thermometer said it was 60 again this morning, but some how it feels colder. Maybe because I'm tired? Ah well, at least we have some sunshine!

Evie is good this morning. I couldn't sleep very well, so she came over for some very early morning cuddles!

Have a happy Wednesday!
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It is going to be hot here today as the air conditioner came on at 8:30 am.

I went to the dentist yesterrday and saw the new hygienist who has 2 cats. She would tell me a cat story, say OMG, laugh and then poke that hook thing deeper into my gums. I have never had such bloody gums and my gums are in such good shape that my dentist loves them. I found out that she works somewhere else Wed. & Thur. Guess what day is my next appt? Oh, and I woke up with a zit at the corner of my mouth.

I am going to the new Zumba class at my club. My friend, who is an aqua instructor at the club, is teaching the class. She and I took the Zumba instructor class but I can't teach a my club.

Other than that just trying to stay cool.
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Afternoon everyone

I woke up this morning to my eye doctors office calling to recehdule my appointment- it was great SOOO made my day that i didn't have to go today

After that Colin and I had some breakfast and watched Law & Order for a bit before he left for work.

I've just been hanging around the house for a little while now watching a little bit of news. I'm about to have a late lunch in a minute then get ready to go to the gym with my friend.

EDIT: After the gym i came home and showered. Then i went to dinner with dh at a new place tonight while he was on his dinner break. It was yummy! After that I came home and took both dogs for a nice hour long walk. (They were great too- i normally don't walk them together since they're soo big, but they did good)
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Today it seems all I did was get groceries and cook. (ok, I did take a 2 hour nap this afternoon )

For the first time I made homemade moussaka (with eggplants from the garden). It's going to be ready in a few minutes and I can't wait! I'm starving!!
It took me about 2 hours to make, so it better be good.

Tonight I plan on going through a few more pages of the Linux Bible, have some tea, meditate and wait for my boyfriend to get here. Not necessarily in that order.
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