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More pics!

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Here is me with a friend JW and hubby Jake and our landlords dogs - the dalmation is Blue Star, the daschund is DaveyLee, and the doberman is Silver Blue. We had just been painting the house all day, and this pic was taken at the end of the day and we were sooo exhausted.

This is my son Gabe

I hope no one takes offense at this picture, this is the actual sign - its been there for years and no one bothered to repair it, its supposed to say "Lewis Pass"
He is at Lewis Pass which is in the south island of New Zealand.

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OMG Kellye Gabe is GORGEOUS!! What a cutie!!

That sign is hilarious too! It's so funny when it's a faux paux like that.
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awwww!! great pics!!
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Gabe is just ADORABLE! I love his rosy little cheeks!
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Awesome pic's!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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You son is sooooooooooo sweet! Thank you for sharing the pictures!
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Great pictures!! Gabe is very handsome!! That's so cool!!
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Gabe is a cutie .

Love that sign!
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Great pics and Gabe is adorable!
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I like the spotty doggie!
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That spotty doggie is deaf - funny...shes a sweetheart...practically lives at the neighbours house because she knows she will be spoiled there
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Deafness is a genetic problem, with Dals. Ike's mother and one of his sisters are deaf. Ike hears what he wants to hear - typical male!
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that sounds like my dad - hes got selective hearing , however mine isnt selective, it just doesnt work LOL
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Kellye - you guys look happy but tired! And Gabe is SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for posting!!!

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