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Ever dream of your cats??

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And they be so real that you wake up in a panic?? I do it all the time, and the one I had last night has bothered me all day! I dreamed I was sleeping (what?) and she was sitting on my chest trying to wake me. When I opened my eyes I was shocked to see her pointing at her face, showing me her eyes, which were all swollen and gunked up!!
That was when I woke up, for real. Of course, I jumped up and ran to the chair she was sleeping in, just to make sure she was ok....and she was. I hate dreams like that!!

I've drove her crazy watching her today!
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Ugh..the worst nightmare I've ever had involved one of my kittys..Don't really wanna talk about it though
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I know! I've had many of those kind, too!
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I had one not so long ago but it wasn't nice They got outside and were rooted to the spot in the middle of the back garden with fear, not to mention i was as well
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I've had a few with Evie, though none that worried me like that! In mine, she is generally out with me somewhere, which is not a good thing! She's an indoor only kitty, and gets scared outside. So, they're usually with me trying not to lose her! Guess they have potential to be very scary, if I did lose her, but since I never do in my dreams, I just learn and don't ever let her out!
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I never dream of Zane, but I do dream of the late PurrPuss, Smog, and Efbe (the dog).
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I sleep walk at least 1-5 nights a week and there are a lot of times I go and look for Capone. Its rarely been Bugs or Bruno. Ill have a variety of dreams like he’s lost, or hurt, or cant breath and ill walk around the house and look for him or trash the pillows or bedroom in a panic. My poor boyfriend usually has to go find him and show him to me in my sleep walk state to calm me down before I go to bed… I’m such a freakazoid LOL.
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I do sometimes. In fact I just had a dream about them last night, but it's one of those that you remember when you wake up but it quickly fades into the background and I can't remember it now. It wasn't unpleasant though.
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I had a dream that Rocko was saying "I love you" to me in a human voice
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I've had a couple food related, which I think they put in my head.

One was that DH came up the stairs with a big can of cat food and said "how do you open this thing?" That's when I woke up and Cindy was sitting there on the floor by the bed staring at me.

I did have a nasty nightmare not too long ago, where DH was talking to some people and had the door open and let them get out. I was frantic, didn't know where they had gone, and couldn't believe he didn't care. I woke up in a panic. In reality, he would never do that, and if they got out he would be just as freaked as I was.
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No, I never have. I have dreamt about my budgies many times, but then again, I have had budgies since I was 5 and only became a cat owner 15 years ago.
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Originally Posted by ashro View Post
I had a dream that Rocko was saying "I love you" to me in a human voice
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