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My Cat Attacked Me

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My cat attacked me with a vengeance. There was two cats fighting just below the window. I was in the window with my cat and the window was up, the screen was in the window. One of the cats screamed and I yelled so they would maybe run.
The next thing I remember there was blood all over me and my cat that loved me so much was attacking me. It was so scary. I had gashes in my head and all over my face and hands.

Luckily my Husband was home and threw a sheet over him. It took a while but he finally calmed down. Now I am afraid of him. He is suffering emotionally I can tell.
I love him so much and I feel like I have lost my baby.
What are the chances he will do this again?

I was getting a little concerned because he was getting aggressive in the mornings to get me out of bed. After this happened I am putting him in a big kennel cage at night. I am afraid this will harm him more emotionally as he's not used to it. I do have it where he can see me as I sleep. He's never alone in a room. I don't want to find him a home as I am afraid it could happen to someone else and I don't want to put him to sleep. I don't know what to do.

We live in the country and there's lots of cats from the woods around here.
He's a stray I rescued as a baby.
Any advice now would be appreciated.
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wow!! I'm really sorry that happened to you i don't have any advice but hopefully someone else on the board will.
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The two cats fighting outside could have been two toms fighting over a female in heat or two mating cats. When you yelled it may have startled him into the attack. If he isn't neautered he may have wanted to fight as well, the urge to reproduce is overwhelming. I'm sure he didn't want to hurt you it's just his natural instinct took over.
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any bites looked at by a doctor and have your kitty checked out by a vet as well.
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If your male is not neutered, then it would be a good idea for you to take him in to be neutered.

Your cat was reacting to the chemistry in the air, and the sounds of the fight and your yelling. All stressed out, he attacked the first moving object he saw which unfortunately was you. Chances are there is wild colony in the woods and he can hear sounds you cannot.

If you are scared of him, he will sense that and act on it and become aggressive with you because he smells your fear. He acted aggressively from instinct and because he felt there was no other choice. He did not do it to upset you or make you fear him. I am afraid that confining him in a small kennel will only make him more stressed. It would be better if you could close him out of the bedroom. Play classical music for him really softly and invest in either Rescue Remedy or Pet Nutri-drops, or a Feliway Plug in. But please don't punish him for acting as a cat. Start playing with him every day with an interactive play toy- the best toy is to take an old fishing pole and attach a toy on to the end of the fishing line and reel it back and forth and just engage his prey instinct.

Also it would be a really good idea for you to go and see a doctor pronto. Cat bites are nothing to take lightly. Your cat should also go to the vet to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong with him as well.

Good luck
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He has an appointment to be neutered on the 20th.
He has been to the vet on a regular basic. I worked with stray dogs in the past. Just never with cats. I don't know that much about cats.
He found me on a trip to Ky. He was hungry and almost dead. He is so loving. He seems to be back to somekind of normal today.
Does he even realize what he done? I don't know enough about them.
I did see water coming from his eyes a couple of times yesterday.
It's a large kennel I kept him in at night with no walls. I't a cage type. I didn't keep him there last night and this morning as usual at 4 AM he got me up.
We are dresing the wounds on my face and head and I am taking antibotics. Would I still need to see a Dr.? I don't want him put anywere away from me as he's been tru enough.
Thanks for all the reply's and I will certainly visit here often.
My main concern is could it happen again? DoI need to fear this?

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One of my cats, a neutered male, gets into it with a roaming neighborhood cat through the screen on the porch and even through the glass windows. As much as I love him, I keep my distance whenever he is all puffed up and aggressive like that. After all, he is an animal and might not react in a way I am expecting.

I think you should see the doctor anyway. Cat bites are nothing to mess around with.
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within a couple months after his neuter. All the sounds and smells have caused him to react the way he did. Do your best to keep the windows closed when there are cats around as males are very territorial. This will keep the smells down, I would also get feliway to help calm him. This is kitten season and the breeding is in a frenzy amound the ferel colony. Your boy is going to want out in the worst way and you should do all you can to keep him in and safe. I know how scarey this is for you and him. He should be distracted with toys as much as possible. He will lose the agressiveness after the surgery. It will take a month or two, but, it will not return.
Please love your baby and don't blame him too much. I had two sister dogs that would fight each other every time another dog came near the yard.
Best od luck to you and don't give up on the kitty. Things will be better soon.
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I am so sorry this happened...OUCH..Just have him checked out to see if it may be a health problem if all possible.....((hugs)) to both of you
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Well, I know my kitty Spike, was getting SOOOOOO agressive, the week before he was scheduled to be neutered. I could not WAIT for him to have the surgery (NOT that I wanted to see him in pain--I hated that part!) But, I have to say, that the attacks on my other kitty (and to me!) have diminished by at least 95%--and it has just been 4 weeks now.... So I see improvement in your kitty's future!
**I DID make sure I asked for pain medication for my kitty, after he was neutered, as he really was in pain(poor little fella!) The vet charged me about $8 extra, for the pain medication, but it was really worth it to me!
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Thank you.
He is going tomorrow.
I think he knows what he did.
Tonight he niped me and I ignored him.
I got up to walk to the kitchen and he locked his legs around mine.
He was meowing loud. It kind've scared me. I guess I am skittish right now with him. He's been pretty emotional since it happened.
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Hi there!

My first reaction after reading your posting was: poor babies! - i was referring to your kitty and YOU.

i don't think your kitty "attacked you WITH a vengeance." You are your kitty's mommy. i doubt your kitty will do that intentionally. Please, i beg of you, no matter what your kitty do, don't hit him.

i feel that in order to build a trust and a strong bond between you and your baby, it is so imperative NOT to hit him. i am really against hitting animals. Over time, with lots of love, care and attention, i am sure you and your kitty wil build a strong bond.

i am really glad you are getting your furbaby fixed. You'll see, he will be more even in temperament.

Again, i am so sorry to hear that you suffered so many bruises. i feel your pain. When i first adopted my Venus, a deaf kitten, she had long and sharp claws. i tried to trim them myself, but ended up with a lot of scratch marks (and some blood) all over my body. That was my first attempt to trim her nails. i ended up bringing her to Petco the next day, to get the deed done. Now, she allows me to trim her nails.

i feel a lot for your furbaby. It sounds like he had such a horrifying experience. Oh, it sounds like he was so frightened and was being defensive.

i don't think you lost your baby. Just let time take over. With a lot of love, care and attention, you will win him over, i am sure. Would you try to help him get his aggressions out by playing WITH him - i was thinking of using interactive toys, like feathers, slithering snakes, strings, soft furbaby toys.

i see Venus plays pretty "aggressively" with her favorite toys. i always have to make a concerted effort to let her have plenty of room to air out her aggressions.. hehe! It is all too funny! Also, i use the slithering snake to play with her. She really shows her rough sides during these play sessions, i tell you.

Please, i beseech you -- please don't even think about putting your kitty to sleep, for your sake, and for your kitty's sake. Just banish the thought for good. Please consider positive alternatives instead, okay?

Some rescued furbabies experienced abuse before. You never know. With my outside feral kitties, i have so many stories to tell.

Adonis is an example. He used to jump on the fence or run away like madness the minute he saw me. i fed him kitty food and fresh water every morning, and provided a bed and toys as well. He would hiss at me and run away the moment i open my sliding door with the kitty meals. That happened for about 3 or 4 months. Now, he is fine with me. He stops his run away routines. Such a sweetheart!

i don't know whether i helped at all, but i just want to share with you my personal experience. Smiles!

It takes a lot of patience and love to gain a kitty's trust.

Blessings to you!

Take care!

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I would never hit my kitty or any other animal.
He has been so down since it happened. I am a litte afraid of him now
My experience has always been with dogs. I was in shock after this happened. I am loving him back to normal. I can see improvment.

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How did the neuter go? I'm sure you will see the sweet baby emerge soon!
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Due to an emergency we had to postpone it until tomorrow.
Thanks for asking.

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My little fellow was neutered. He has been thu so much.
Less than a week after he was neutered I got a phone call family medical emergency. He had to take a trip with me. He hates riding it scares him. He's in a strange environment. He is so emotional.
I am having a problem trusting him again and I think he senses this. I love him so much. He is scared of everything since the attack happened. I think about trying to find him a good home and it breaks my heart but it's not fair to him for me not to trust him.
He used to give me little love nips and pop me with his paw. Now everytime he does I stop him because I am afraid. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I am sorry you and your cat have had such a rocky start. But if you show fear to him he will sense it, and it will stress him out and he will respond, usually in an aggressive way. Take deep calming breaths when you are near him, breathe slow, and don't make eye contact with him. Sudden changes impact cats quickly (the same way they do us) You can help him by giving me a high place where he can sleep. A place that is dark and quiet where he can hide if he wants. Schedule interactive play with him, but use a toy on a stick, or something where you are not right up against him playing. Don't expect him to be a purring lap kitty, not right now, he has lost the trust in you and you have to gain it back slowly for him. I had one cat here that loved to hide in the rooms in the hallway and run at me (behind my back) and attack my ankles. I finally took fine strips of cloth and smeared one side with Vicks VapoRub and tied these around my ankles. He quit attacking me the first day, and now is our biggest lap kitty.

Good luck!
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