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Sweet Pea Oct 2007-August 12, 2008

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Last October, when someone brought in four flea-ridden, less than four week old kittens, we knew that the chances of anyone surviving were very, very low. Within a weeks
time, three of the litter had perished,one every day, and I told one that Halloween Eve that she could NOT die the next day, I had put one cat
to sleep on Halloween Day, I didn't need it to be the reminder for two kits. Amazingly enough, the last kit survived, and bonded with my Rusty,
who went to the bridge himself just a week or so later. Always small and dainty, with a small voice and a lot of tortitude, she was a bit of a
loner from the other kits in the household, sometimes sleeping with Tiger or Babycakes, but most often alone, she liked her petting on her
terms to......just some gentle head scritches and back strokes, no cuddling, please!

In the early spring, tests proved sadly correct that Sweet Pea was FeLv+, so we knew that her time with us would be shortened.......just not that it would be
this much shortened. Less than a year from her birth, Sweet Pea joined Jewel, who passed earlier this spring, and her beloved Rusty at the
Rainbow bridge. She was to have gone to the vet in the morning to be evaluated and probably pts....but she went of her own accord,
her way, at home with only the other kitties and no humans mucking about. Play and run free, my sweet little girl, and always know
that meowmy loves you.'s rained all day about as gloomy outside as my mood is inside.

I have one pic to add when I find it, there are others on my phone that are more recent, but phone and computer aren't conversing.
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Godspeed over RB, SweetPea Your time on earth was much too short, but you brought joy and happiness to the home where you lived, and knowing that your time would be shortened, you made the hours golden, studded with diamond minutes.
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I'm so sorry you lost SweetPea, but you gave her a much deserved loving home and she'll repay you someday.
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So sorry about your Cat.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Sweet Pea. You have taken good care of her and made her days on earth enjoyable and full of love. Some day you'll meet her again, but for now she's playing over the Bridge, happy and free from pain.

RIP Little Angel Sweet Pea
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i'm so sorry. as others have said, you gave that little girl love and security, everything she needed.

RIP sweetpea, play happily across the bridge.
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Thanks guys, you know, even though I knew it was coming, it's still hard....every time I see the laser pointer I think of her, 'cuz she adored it....would come running when I picked it up. *sigh*
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It may have been a short life, but it was full of love.
RIP Sweet Pea
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Sweet Pea.
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like everyone else said - her short life was filled with love & that is worth a lot! for you, & a for Sweet Pea, now romping & snuggling w/Rusty...
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I just came back in from burying her (was raining too hard last night), and I don't know, I just feel so down about my FeLv+ kitties right now.....haven't lost one since 2005, which is good, then to lose two so close together, it's really got me at rock bottom. But, there's always the other, healthy cats, and I'll be danged if I didn't have to give my 14 year old Himmy a bath when I came in because the flea treatment we gave her was making her foam at the mouth every time she bathed, lol!....needless to say, having taken Pea away, and bathing another, meowmy ain't really popular around here!
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I'm so sorry about your loss of Sweet Pea, Cindy She's healthy and happy now forever, I'm sure she'll find some of my babies and be great friends
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I'm sorry for your loss.
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I hope her and Brown Noser can be friends, he was a loner too!

Rest in Peace sweet Sweet Pea!! You were and are loved, and will be remembered always!
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Thanks'll never know how much I appreciate the thoughts this morning. Its been a rough couple of days here....hub dreamed about her night before last- he hardly ever dreams, and yesterday, every time I looked at the dollhouse I'm building I cried, can't even work on it right now, because she spent so much time in it with me.....and last night I picked up the laser pointer, then bawled my eyes out 'cuz she didn't come running when it clinked...I fixed that though, I took off the little thingy that made the noise she associated with me picking it up!
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I finally got my newer pics of her downloaded, saved, and uploaded.....
my sweet girl......a typical "Sweet Pea" look...
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she was beautiful i'm sorry for your loss but remember she is healthy and happy where she is now
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Awwww she's so precious as well

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