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Hi everybody - pictures!

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Hi, I have some pictures here for youse to see....this is my new place - PLEASE excuse the mess, I havent had the chance to clean up

This is the backyard (after the snow last Thursday)

This is the bathroom - shower is on the opposite side of the sink/loo

This is our bedroom, its so tiny that we cant put our beside tables there LMAO

Dining Room

Our living room, excuse the mess and mismatched furniture

This is the side of the yard - its what we see when we look out the door, I am planning to pave the area where the chairs are so we can put our grill there and I am painting the chairs.

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It looks beautiful Kellye! I'm so envious....I loved Asheville when I visited there years ago.
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very nice!!
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Kellye, your new home looks very nice and very comfortable!
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It looks very nice!! You have a beautiful new place!
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Beautiful place! And don't worry about the mis-matched furniture, just call it the "eclectic look" Your yard is gorgeous, too. Have fun getting your grill set up!
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It looks very cozy. You have leaves on your trees! Nothing is green up here yet. Looks so peacefull.
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Nice place. I gotta agree, it does look cozy and your yard is beautiful.
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I your house! How soon can I move in?
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So cosy! I just LOVE your yard, so much space and big trees!
It´s so nice to see how your home is, more of us should do that! Is there a picture of yourself in a thread somewhere??? I´m thinking about finding one of myself to post, but I don´t have a digital camera (YET), and most of the pictures I have on a disc are photos of my son, and a few cat photos. I must be on some of them...
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Wow! I love your place very much! It definietly is very cozy. is that right it's just rent? If it is, you are lucky! My dh and I used to live in wash dc and rent a TINY apartment with no backyard but cool roof. :LOL: for 5 years!!
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Kellye - nice place! And very nice yard.
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Oh Kellye, it looks wonderful! I LOVE teeny bedrooms. We've got exactly 14" on either side of our queen sized bed - but it's an RV, so they built in bedside tables (which are now cat beds, LOL!)

It looks like home, and comfortable and cozy. Worth the move!!! And the yard is GREAT - love the trees!!!!

Thank you so much for posting these!!!!

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Kellye - Wow! Your home is beautiful! Inside and Out!

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Such a cute place!! I love North Carolina (I lived in Durham for 3 years). Your yard is gorgeous, and your house looks so warm and friendly.
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