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This is, according to John, Dr. Gonzo . There is a lady that lives nearby that has a lot of animals and I have been helping her to find homes for them. She just has too many and is having health issues herself. Well, she emailed me again about a cat she had and asked if I could help find a home for him. When John heard it was a red tabby, he said we had to go look.... John LOOOOOVES his red tabbies!

She said she was going to have to take him to the pound if no one would adopt him because her very young grandson is so allergic he stops breathing, and she babysits him daily.

So, we brought the kitty home. He'll be 5 years old on October 3, according to his vet records. He's already neutered and, unfortunately, front de-clawed (from the first owner, not this lady).

He is a BIG kitty. His paperwork says he weighed 15.4 pounds and that was in February. I think he weighs a bit more than that. He really and truly is not fat in the least way, I can feel his ribs and everything. He's just VERY tall and very big boned.

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WATCH out REDHEADS live up to the rep
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Aww what a beautiful boy! Congrats on taking him home!
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He IS a big kitty! Very handsome too!
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He's a handsome man
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Wow! That is one big, handsome fellow! I LOVE big, red tabby boys.
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Awwww, he's adorable
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