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Blood in urine

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This morning as I cleaned Buster's litter pan, I noticed that the urine had some blood on the liner. I took him to the vet for an urine analysis shortly after. The urine wasn't bloody; it was just a little. Does anyone know what could this be? I'm so nervous because he's getting so old.

The vet assistant called me and told me that the urine wasn't pink but there were some particles in it. She's thinking it's an infection but they won't know for sure until the lab results come in tomorrow morning.

If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know.
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Thats what happens to Coco when she has a infection or crystals.
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That's what I'm thinking too. The vet assistant did not sound too alarmed. What type of treatment is used for this? Is the medication expensive?
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It depends on what Antibiotic you get. Coco has had Clavamox, Cefa Drops,Cephalexin and Baytril for her bladder problems. She gets sick on all the Antibiotics except the Baytril. I am sure they will work for your Cat though. Coco has Allergies. She is also on C/D and Royal Canin Urinary. I have paid over 40 for 1 bottle of Antibiotics before. It might be cheaper in Oakland though because my Vet is the number one vet here and is expensive.
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Thanks for the input. I just picked up Buster up from the vet. I just spent $215.00 for the day visit, lab work, and the needle procedure to collect the urine. I hope the medicine isn't too costly and won't interfere with all his constipation medication...sigh.
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I think he should be ok on Antibiotics. Coco has so many bladder problems. Her last one was from May -July. I am Buster will not need 2 months of Antibiotics like her. Let me know what the Vet says. Why did they decide to get the urine with the needle? My vet gets by pushing on the bladder and if there is no urone they give sub q's. With my Crf cat they used the needle.
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Aww poor Coco - she always has some sort of problem. Anyway, I asked about the needle and they told me that Buster did not produce urine even though his bladder was full at that point. He is definitely not blocked because I saw him urinate not too long ago. Maybe he was nervous at the vet today. I hope he doesn't have anything more serious like diabetes or CRF.
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There might be crystals in his urine. Cocos last bladder problem came from a Depo shot for her Asthma. How old is your cat again? It dosent sound like Diabetes or Crf to me. Your cat should be ok. Strie hated vets and they could never get a sample from her without the needle. It had nothing to do with the crf. Does he have any other problems besides the constipation?
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My cat is about 10-13 years old; nobody really knows for sure. I found him on the street in 2000. The vet said he was about two years back then.

Anyway, Buster is pretty much healthy other than the inability to go poop. I'll keep you updated when the lab results come in.
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Some Cats start having bladder problems at that age. Cocos first one was when she was 9.5 but she had alot wrong then and almost died. The bladder problems she gets now started 2 years ago this month. Two years ago she had Strovite Stones and they were disolved with S/D. Then she was put on C/D. She is 16 now.If your cat has a infection 2 weeks odf Antibiotics should get rid of it. Coco had Ecoli and Staph infections and everytime it takes two months to get rid of. Her last two infections were caused by the Depo though. the others were not.
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I still don't know what's going on with Buster. I talked to the vet but she said the results would not come in until Friday. Needless to say, I am nervous. She did confirm there is blood in his urine.

I'm also irritated with this vet's attitude. She has really bad social skills and I am upset. I guess that's another issue but I just had to vent. Fortunately, there are two other vets at the clinic I really like. I'll just take my business to them.
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Having a similar problem with my Muddy. The blood in his urine turned out to be idiopathic cystitis, which basically means cystitis of unknown origin. When diagnosed in May, it took an actual biopsy of his bladder to diagnose. X-rays, ultrasound, blood work and urine analysis couldn't diagnose it alone.

This morning he relapsed and was back at the vet for another ultrasound, blood work and urinalysis. They found a lot of blood and crystals this time around. His white cells were slightly elevated which means he probably has an infection on top of it.

Muddy was put on antibiotics for 2 weeks and prednisone for a week to ease the inflamation in his bladder. The vet is ordering medication that will serve as a urine deacidifier to prevent additional formation of crystals. He won't eat prescription food.

Prednisone: very inexpensive. Urine medication: I was told about $12 for 100 tablets (once a day for probably life). Antibiotics: $28

Just be prepared if the initial diagnose doesn't show anything, that you might need follow up tests. You don't want to mess with blood in the urinary tract. If it is caused by crystals or stones, they can block up which is life threatening. Watch Buster carefully to make sure he is able to pee. If not, you have an emergency on your hands. If you have to lock him up separately with his own box to make sure he is peeing, then do so.
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Thanks for the advice, MomofMany! Fortunately, Buster can pee because I found a wet surprise on a piece of white paper on the floor. The urine was definitely not a good color - it was yellow with a sort of red tint. I want to get him help as soon as possible they're now saying the lab results won't come until Friday. I don't want Buster to be in pain and I'm worried about him. He seems to be normal but he's a stoic cat and doesn't cry.

I'm sorry you had to go through all that drama with Muddy. All those procedures sound costly and I'm dreading if Buster needs those too.
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I do not understand why its taking so long for results. Cocos results are always in the day after she gets tested accept for the test they send to Uc Davis. Sorry the vet was rude to you. I would be careful with Pred. It caused Coco to get crystals. I hope Buster will not be like Coco and get the problem alot. She is on a inhaler for Asthma insstead or teh Depo Shot and the Pred. Here is what I pay for Coco.
Cefa Drops 34.19 per bottle.
Cephalexin 40 per botte
Deo Medrol Shot 34.00
Laxaire 10.24
Cefa Drops Er Vet 35.00
Urine Test Er Vet 40.60
Er Visit 134.00
Pred 35 per bottle
Ultrasound 75.00
Urine Test w/sedimetation 48.00
Clavamox 15.03
3 Baytril Pills 12.50
The last Ultrasound was free.
C/D was 34 for a 10 pound bag yesterday.
The price keeps going up.
I hope this helps you.
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I don't know why it's taking so long for the results to come in either. I just had to have a urinalysis and blood work done on Blue and the results were in in less then 24 hours. I would call the vet and ask if there's anyway to get them quicker since your cat most likely has some sort of infection you should get him on medication. I also heard that UTI's can be worse for male cats then females, although I could be wrong about that. I'm sure he'll be just fine after they put him on the medication. You mentioned that he is also on medication for constipation, how long has he been constipated? I read that constipation can be one of the symptoms of a UTI so if you didn't mention that to the vet be sure to when you talk to him. Did they take blood as well or just urine? Also, and I'm sure you already know this but make sure the vet is aware of any other medication your cat is on before he prescribes anything new.
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Yeah, I'm not sure why it's taking so long either to get the results. First they told me it would come by mid-morning. Now they are telling me Friday?!? I don't remember it taking this long the last time Buster had lab work done. I have no idea where they send the urine to though. We didn't do a blood test, by the way.

Buster has struggled with constipation since March 2007. He currently takes Cisapride, Kristalose, and senna for treatment, which works well. He hasn't had an enema since September 17, 2007. Otherwise, he has lost the total ability to poop on his own without medical intervention.
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