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What a delightful surprise!

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In the mailbox tonight there were 3 postcards! Two from Sherral, and one from adymarie (Adrienne) Thanks guys they brought a smile with them!

kudos for doing that!
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a happy Easter post card from Sherral! Thank You! If you include your return address with the next card I will write back!
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*sniff* I got junk mail!
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your welcome! I like to send them out! Anybody else want one?
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That is soo nice!!
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I got an Easter cardf from Sherral too!! It's SO great to get nice mail! Thank you Sherral!
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I'm lucky. I got 3 cards this weekend, one from Sunni from Las Vegas, one from adymarie from Canada (with a great fall landscape) and an Easter card from Sherral. Thanks to all of you! It's so nice to get mail besides junk and bills!
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