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Who Dunit!!

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I went home for lunch today at work. I decided to take a longer lunch so I checked my email to make sure nothing important was going on. I was gone maybe 5 min… and this is what happened.

I swear Mommy, it was the dog!

Who me?

I then go to the living room to investigate and Bruno innocently jumps on the sofa.

What paper towel?

The other sofa (curiously with Brunos favorite toy buried)

Told you so Mommy! It was the dumb dog!
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OH my capone did warn mummy
nawti bruno but ohh so cute
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Hahaha...those are great...I never think of taking pics when my four footed furries leave me a lovely mess like that...I just clean it up, and do the interviews...of course no one usually stakes claim on the crime...
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Before I got to the incriminating picture it looked like "dog" to me rather then cat the way it was torn up
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Silly doggie! It seems he's gotten over his confidence issues under your care... He's made such a mess yet looks calm about it
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what a mess, he did
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