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tree sap?

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my cat came in from outside just a little bit ago, and it looks as if she has been around our pine trees in the back yard because she has tree sap on one of her back paws. is the sap poisonus to her? is there a way i can get it off with something, so her paw isnt sticking to the floor everytime she walks?

please help.

p.s she is very finicky about me touching her feet, so its probably going to be a challenge getting it off.
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I would try cooking oil or vaseline to get it off. Or you could use a product like Goo Gone, if you are sure to wash the cat's foot well afterward to rinse everything off.
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yeah i tried vaseline, and she freaked out.
she hates me touching her feet..

she clawed me to bits.
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Yikes. If you have the guts to try again, try wrapping her in a towel to immobilize her.
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The only thing to get off tree/pine sap is Goo Be Gone. But you will have to immediately wash the foot with soap water. I think ingesting the sap would cause harm.

Or you can call your vet and see what they suggest to get it off the paws.
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thank you, i tried the goo gone stuff, and it worked

thanks so much, for everyones help
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