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I LOVE Third Watch!

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Totally useless thread. Are there any other Third Watch fans here?

I LOVE the series!
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Count me in as a HUGE Third Watch fan! No TCS for me on Monday nights between 9 and 10....
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I tend to forget to watch that show eventhough I really enjoy it. For some reason I can't seem to remember it! I have noticed that at 10 pm on the A&E (I think) channel, they have reruns. I usually turn that on before I fall asleep..bad thing of it is, I never get to see the ending because I always fall asleep first!

I just watched the episode where the black guy (sorry, I'b bad with names) admitted to his girlfriend that he killed his friend when he was in Jr. High. I cried like a baby when I watched that! I'm just too sappy for my own good!LOL!
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I love 3rd watch too!

I like Yokas and I cant stand Bosco - I just want to punch him in the face, he annoys the heck out of me

I think that black cop (i forget his name as well) is CUTE!!!!!
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In the cops, my favourites are Yokas and Davis. Though Sully and Bosco have their moments.
In the paramedics, my favourites are Doc and Bobby (while he was there)and I like Kim too. Not so crazy about Carlos.
And in the firemen, since we only really know 2 of them, by default, I guess it would have to be Jimmy. But I think he's not very good about thinking about the consequences of his actions.

Any favourite episodes? Mine is the one where the 4 teens get killed in the car accident and the 3rd watch gang tries to forget about it by going to bars and bowling.
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I think my favorite episodes were: the one where Bobby was killed (sad, sad, sad), the one where a woman was encased in ice in her basement, and the one where 2 men (a guy and his brother-in-law) were in someplace that had collapsed. At the end the one who you thought would make it didn't.

Sometimes, I get frustrated when they focus too much on the personal lives of the characters. Enough with Faith and her husband, already.

About the only character I don't like is Carlos. Oh yeah, and that undercover woman that Bosco has the hots for. I'm hoping she's the one who goes down at the end of the season, as they are advertising. Bosco reminds me of my best friend.
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That episode with Bobby's death was so sad, I liked him. I liked it when they had him talking in the boxing ring, great work!
I am sick of the problems with Sully, like you say with Yokas, enough already!
I dislike Carlos as well, I wouldnt want him to tend to me!!!!
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I, too, am tired of Sully drinking himself to death. But the episode where they hauled him somewhere upstate to dry out was pretty good.
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I wish they showed Faith trying to get closer to her kids. It almost seems as though they're "filler". And Carlos' heart is in the right place, but he doesn't have good people skills!

I hope they get rid of Cruz. She looks creepy to me. Something about her eyes really bothers me...

I managed to find most of the songs that play on the series, and have got myself a nice little bank of songs to listen to, now! Now if I could only find the theme music. When my mother and I watch the eps. I tape the night before, we both start bopping along to the opening credits! My brother (who doesn't watch the series, and doesn't live at home anymore) thinks we're both nuts... he's probably right!
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