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To do or not too do?

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Im torn and really need your guys help, i have wanted a border collie since i lost my jess after my dad got rid of her... now i have moved i have swindled my OH's heart round hes said im allowed a BC too do agility with, at first i thought great, BUT am i cruel getting one because i want too replace jess a big bit of my heart missing?
guys help
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Tina, first of all you cannot "replace" a pet. If you decide you really like the BC's, then I strongly advise you to get the opposite sex or a different color one - not one that looked like Jess. I was told this a long time ago. If you get a pet that looks too much like the old one, you will expect him/her to act the same way and that's not fair.

Remember BC's need "chores" and exercise or they become bored. I love agility; our lab loves it. BC's tend to excel. If you have the time to train them, go for it; keep in mind what I said in the 1st paragraph
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I don’t think you are being mean. I got all three of my boys to fill that void in my heart that I have when I had to leave my old girl back home with the family. Was I disappointed… yes I was. Do I still love my boys? They are my life. Will they ever replace my baby girl? not even close. I will always live with that void. But I love my boys, no one will be able to replace them just as no one can replace my baby girl. I love them all the same.

My boys are overly spoiled, smothered with love, happy and very healthy. I love them so much. Just because I needed a void filled doesn’t mean I love them any less then I do my girl back home.
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we all have hard decisions in life and this i feel more im prepared for a collie got all the agility classes and stuff sorted puppy training the money im not looking for one like jess i think with her it was i got no closure i dont know shes ok i dont know where she is and ill stop there cuz tears are welling.
i love collies always have, i want a clever dog with lots of energy yet more brains that my JRT
i think i was just emotional earlier i want an individual that is much more different too jess...
no dog could look like her cuz she had completely odd markings
thanks guys..
GK your always there when i need you thankyou so much
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