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do u all think this is right?

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http://www.azcentral.com/news/articl...2piestewa.html The govenor of Arizona is asking that the Squaw Peak freeway & mountain to be renamed to Piestew Peak. I dont think it's a good idea. What about some of the code talkers who died back in WWII? What about the first black or mexican person to die in a war? They might as well name every "first" person to die after something. Sure, it is sad that she died, but to rename a freeway after her??
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There have been calls, for years, to rename Squaw Peak because the word "squaw" has become politically incorrect. If a majority of people want it renamed, it should be.

The Arizona Commission on Place Names has the last word, though by law. The law also states that a geographic site cannot be named in honor of a person until they have been dead 5 years. THAT alone, renders this issue moot.

The governor wants the chairman of the commission to resign because he won't even consider the issue. By Arizona law, he CAN'T.

I rather like the name "Codetalker Peak", though. It seems more fitting that a site on the Hopi reservation be named for Lori Piestewa. The fact that she died in the service of her country makes her worthy to be honored.
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Whatever it ends up being called... it has to be better than it's current name. The word is a perjorative to native americans, so this is comparable to having a mountain named "Nig*** Peak." If I were native, I'd be all over having it renamed darn near anything!
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I think it is would be a wonderful way to pay tribute to her and her heritage. As mentioned in the article, "Squaw" is considered offensive by many Native Americans and it says they have been trying to get those names changed anyway. That would be like having "Spic Peak" in Southern Colorado where there are many Spanish-Americans. In 20 years, people may not know who she is, but at least it is something that the people could be proud of. She's a hero, and was a proud Native American.
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Its all well and good to want to honor Pfc. Piestewa but the governor and the chairman of the commission cannot circumvent state law.

Gov. Napolitano should KNOW better - she was US Attorney for Arizona AND the State Attorney General before she was governor. I think that it is unconscionable that she wants the law broken. There are ways to change a law, if a majority of the people don't want it.
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The word "Sqaw" was not an offensive word for hundreds of years. Too many it still is not. (Yes, I have native American blood) Must we wipe all Native American reference from our landmarks because it offends a minority of squeaky wheels? I, for one, would like to see historic names remain. I'm tired of political correctness ruling and obliterating history in its wake.
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Squaw Peak is in Phoenix and, if a majority of the citizens want the name changed, they should get a referendum on the ballot.
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