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Cat room

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Samba has problems with both peeing on the floor, fighting with his big brother root, and scratching matresses to wake me up at 3:30 in the morning. This was ok when we could keep him out of bedrooms when we left, but then he learned how to open doors. So we have decided we are going to make a "cat room" in the basement. The room at the moment is like a second living room in the basement, but since the kids have gotten older it is not used much. We have decided we are going to make it a room to keep him in when we leave the house and at night.

My question is, what kinds of things do you think are important to have in there, we have a scratching post and a litter box, but what else should we have in there? Are there any toys that your cats like to entertain themselves with? Also do you think this idea is ok? We are not usually gone for more than about 4 hours and we would leave him roaming whenever we are home and a few times when we are gone.

Thanks for any replies!

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My aunt used to have a cat room in her old house (I don't think she has one in her current place) but she had a big cat tree by the window, a litter box, free-feeders for dry kibble and water, a couch, lots of toys, some horizontal scratchers and one of those "cat spa" things that sits on the floor and they can roll all over it
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I used to have cats that had their own room overnight. It had a few scratch poles, cardboard boxes, cat beds, toys (mice, sparkle balls), litter, food/water and a couch.
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I have a Cat room and we have alot of toys in there. They have a Cat Couch and Cat Bed. They have a huge post. Thye have to be in there when we are not home or at night because they get in trouble. Coco begged to be in there also but she has differant food.
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