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Question of the Day - August 12th!

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What is your favorite TV show at the moment?

Mine is Army Wives.
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My favorite right now is Stargate SG1

Funny thing I never watched it at all for the first 10 seasons however got hooked on it during a SG1 maraton on the Space I watch it at least once a day..
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"Dirty Jobs." But I rarely get to see it.

It used to be "Junkyard Wars."
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For the next two weeks it will be the Olympics. Usually it's Dirty Jobs or the one where they fish for king crabs.
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Once the fall season starts I will be watching Heroes, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Big Bang Theory, hmm can't remember what else!

On DVD I'm watching Charmed and Smallville.
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Right now it's THE OLYMPICS. I'm also fond of THE CLOSER, DANCING WITH THE STARS, and all the Animal Cop shows on ANIMAL PLANET except the Miami one.
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LOST! All things LOST! I can hardly wait until it returns in 2009, and in the mean time, am re-watching the first four seasons on dvd. I'm verging on obsessed
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The Olympics... and EUREKA.
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Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.
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I like

My Name is Earl
"3 Men" whatever it's called
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I don't watch any TV I guess I'll say Cubs games....
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Eh, I don't hardly watch TV now because I don't like anything that's on. Sometimes I'll watch CSI or the likes, but can't say as I really like it.

So, my favorite TV show of all time would have to be X-Files.
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Right now it is the Olympics.
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I watch very little TV, actually -- mostly just the late news when I get into bed, and some of whatever show Rob has on after that, if I'm still awake. That's likely to be something like Myth Busters or How It's Made. He's a good boy and saves Extreme Machines and things like that for when I'm not there.
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One Tree Hill is my favourite show. I can't wait until it comes back on September 1.
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it was So You Think you Can Dance, but it's over now

For fall shows I really Heroes and Lost and Terminator and...oh, I like lots of shows
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At the moment, the Olympics, baseball, cooking shows, history shows. I'm looking forward to the new (and last!) season of ER.
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The Olympics now. But I am a TV buff. My favorites are Monk, Psych, The Closer and any type of Law and Order. Oh yeah, I like all CSIs except NY.
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CSI and Law & Order.
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I'm ashamed to admit it, but at this very moment it's Wipeout. At least until Grey's Anatomy and Dancing with the Stars are back.
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Big Brother!!! One more reason to love summer!!
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The Late Late Show With Craig's really the only thing on tv I ever watch.
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I've been watching the old seasons of One Tree Hill since I've never watched it before, and I am totally hooked.

Besides DVDs, I watch Big Brother and I'm really hooked on The Secret Life of the American Teenager on ABC Family. That and The Mole, I was totally hooked on.
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I don't watch any TV I guess I'll say Cubs games
Excellent answer!
When the Cubs aren't on, I am a Law & Order addict (especially the Svu series).
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Oh, and I forgot about Psych. I love Psych!!
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Right now.... Army Wives.

As soon as Dancing with the Stars starts up that will be the top fav.
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