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Ella's entertainment

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Ella thinks Sterling is her personal squeaky chew toy, and the neatest thing since sliced bread. The seem to be growing closer day by day. I haven't seen them cuddled up together, but I've seen both of them on the top of the cat tree, sleeping, within inches, and both of them were against Dottie's legs in the night, one on each side.

So...Sterling has a very "active" tail. Even when he's cuddled up and purring, his tail is usually going, "Thump, thump, thump."

Now, he seems to enjoy sitting on the dining room table bench, tail hanging down and swishing madly. Ella thinks this is done specifically to entertain her, and she obliges by trying to catch it. Merriment ensues.

And it happens so often, now, I have to think Sterling is doing it on purpose.

Ella's Toy
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Of course he is. If you look really closely, he's watching her out of the corner of his eye.
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It's wonderful that they get along so well! Love the video!
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