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Thank You To TCS and

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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to pop in to say a big HI!! and also thank you so much for the fantastic prizes we got for the "Caption This Monthly Winners for March".

It was a great surprise and also very much appreciated!

Tatyana just went nuts over the cat toys and immediately grabbed the fur mice and ran. She proceeded to spend the next hour throwing it all over the place and contorted herself in ways I have never seen before!!! LOL. The toys and products are fantastic and they certainly know what cats like! So THANK YOU again!
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Loved the mice!
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Interesting moves!
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Tatyana wouldn't let Moo Kitty play with lol!

Moo is one of Amys babys that we just couldn't bring ourselves to part with! All the other kittens and Amy have found forever homes and are doing well!
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That's great! Well, she definitely appreciated her winnings! What a doll!!!!
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wow what a pretty cat!!! So shiney!!!
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Great fun to watch!
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Last Toy photo LOL!
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Just an update on our show results!

We have been busy around the cat shows with Tatyana getting a first at our last show (out of 69) and also supreme exhibit! Needless to say it was a very proud moment.

We have named our Cattery Outoftheblu and Tatyana has proven to be an excellent example of the Russian Blue and is meeting all her breed standards. She is a beautiful cat and has grown so much as those of you will see that have been with me since her arrival.
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Top Ten Ring 3

Judged by: Cathy Walker Longhair & Siamese-Oriental & Tracey Bollard Shorthair
Supreme Exhibits: 63 HOLYOAK LADY TATYANA (W) 1170W02 04/08/2002 [Russian Female]

Top Ten Ring 1
Judged by: Karen Lease
Place Entry Exhibit
4 63 HOLYOAK LADY TATYANA (W) 1170W02 04/08/2002 [Russian Female]

Top Ten Ring 2
Judged by: Shirley White
Place Entry Exhibit
10 63 HOLYOAK LADY TATYANA (W) 1170W02 04/08/2002 [Russian Female]
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I really enjoyed looking at your pics, Bundy, thanks for sharing!!! My goodness, Tatyana really has grown, and Moo is such an adorable kitten!!! And btw, I love the name you picked for him!
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Congratulations for the first place. Tatyana certainly has grown, and she's beautiful. So's Moo. What a cute name!
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It's fantastic to hear from you! Congrats on the cat shows and finding the furever homes for the kittens & their Mom! I sure missed the photos of Tatyana and am amazed to see how much she has grown! I hope to hear more from you in the furture!
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Hey gal-

I am glad you got the package all right. Congrats on winning the prize. Tat is gorgeous, she has gotten so loooooooooooooong!
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Leslie!!!!!! It's good to see you 'round these parts again!

Tatyana has grown SO MUCH! She's just gorgeous. You know, we need more Russian Blue fixes. They are such beautiful cats. Love the pic of you and her, too. Such a proud Momma. I'm so glad the kittens and Amy have good homes, and I can't blame you for not letting Moo Kitty go. What a cutie!!

Hope to see you around a bit more often, when you have the time.
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Leslie, glad to see you here

I so love Tatyana, shes such a beauty, can I have her? Peedoodles asking if she can come and stay with us
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Wow, just looking at those pictures is making me tired... what athletic ability!

Kellye, I think Peedoodle is trying to build a harem, hitting on every pretty kitty...
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Yeah Lola, thats what I thought! Shocking isnt it?
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Didn't you tell him that he doesn't have the equipment to play ball with anymore? You'd think he'd have noticed, at least while grooming... "Hey, where'd it all go!"
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oh that doesnt stop him LMAO
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Hey Bundy~

Glad the prizes were enjoyed. It's only fair, since we humans got a kick out of captioning your kitty's picture.
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Hi Bundy, it's so nice to see you!

Tatyana HAS gotten big... and Moo is just too cute! Thanks for sharing their pictures with us!
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Hey Bundy, Tat and Moo! Great to see you here! Tat is as gorgeous as always! E-mail me or something chickie!
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Me too, or go sit in your corner, Miss Leslie! I try; heaven knows I try!
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I'm so happy for you! Tatyana is such a doll! Just beautiful!!!!! Ohhhh.......and, can I have Moo kitty????? Plllleeeeaaaaaaasssseeeee??????????

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Beautiful pics Bundy! And congratulations!
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WAAAAAAAA - we've missed so much!!

I miss you!!!!

Thanks for posting!!!!! THEY'RE BOTH SO BIG!!!!

Tatyana, of course, is completely gorgeous. I agree - we never get enough of the Russian Blue. Wow - congrats on how well she's doing!!!!

And Moo? What a cutie! We've got a soft spot for black and whites... but he is too cute!!!!!

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Just saw this thread!!!

Wow she's getting sooooo big!!!!

Good to hear from you Leslie!
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that replied! It is so nice to see all your beautiful faces. Thank you for the kind comments!
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