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Seed saving

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Does anyone save any their flower seeds that would like to do a swap??

I don't save many and am just starting.

I have a purple annual larkspur (well its an annual here)

A small delphinium cultivar called Blue Butterfly and some unknown color lupine so far.
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I belong to a great website on gardens. I will attach a link. I've exchanged seeds with tons of people. Check out winter sowing, you start the seeds outside in the winter in a water bottle. In the spring hundreds of plants!
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Wow, Im gonna check out that website. I've been thinking about what I could plant this winter, so far Ive only come up with Garlic.
I'd love to exchange seeds but I think just about everything I have is a bulb.
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I have some vegetable seeds (zucchini, pumpkins, giant sunflowers).
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I forgot that will have some white datura too-the plants are just starting to bloom so it will be a while.

There is a local freecycle group that has a seed/plant exchange but I thought it would be fun for a TCS one!!

My sis I think does winter sowing. I have 7 banks of grow lights in the basement as I overwinter lots of plants and do my seed starting down there.
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