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He's at it again

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Pictures of Salem and his never-ending blind chewing/licking obsession. All the blinds in my house are destroyed, not bothering getting new ones because he'll destroy those too. Maybe a different type of shade? Any one else have cats that do this?

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sorry I just have to laugh!

I have no doubt my cats would certainly do the same thing if we had blinds. One of my cats loves to lick edges of things. The oddest items too. Like plastic tops, cardboard boxes...I guess she just likes the texture She is so weird!

oh and I love his expression in the last one! He's like "do you have a problem or something?"
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Too cute! The last pic makes him look like he's hazy and high on some drug
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oh good grief! that picture could have been of shinobi!

he has ruined my blinds in the lounge and in my bedroom. i've got aluminum ones like yours but wanted to change them to the wooden type. no blooming chance of that now!

we have decided that we're going to try the vertical blinds, hopefully being material, he won't want to chew them!
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LMAO That is so cute! Love the last pic.

Im pretty lucky my boys dont chew my blinds. They chew everything else but! The only thing they do, and every morning at that, is paw the blinds so the wood at the bottom hits the wall. Not only do they paw it, they smash it against the wall... Its very annoying every fricken morning LOL.

Lol Salem, what a cutie!
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I can't have mini blinds in my appartment either. I think the all time record for totally destroying a set was about 2 weeks. Now I have one or two that like to lick & chew them, but all 4 insisted on climbing in the window, by climbing between blinds somewhere in the middle.
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Oh, man. Pants chews on the strangest things, too. Lately he's taken to gnawing on this scratchy-thing we got him that's the texture of a brush, sort of. He does rub against it occasionally, but more often, his M.O. is just to chew the out of it.

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Too funny, maybe he likes how it feels on his teeth
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