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Tribute to my Princess

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I'm still pretty new here and haven't posted in a while but I owe it to my Princess to post about her crosssing. I've visited the site several times over the past few weeks thinking I was ready to write about her but couldn't bring myself to do it. Everything I've tried to write has fallen short of her beauty, so instead I've made a little picture video of what few pictures I still have of her. The hard drive I kept most of my personal pictures on was fried and dumb me had no back ups.

On the night of June 30, 2008 I had fallen asleep on the couch and at 3:30am I was awoken to the horrible cries of a cat. My dog and I jumped up and flung the door open and to my utter heart break I see my beautiful little girl Mi-Mi being attacked by two large boxer/pit dogs. I screamed for my SO. In my panic I picked up the first thing I saw that might act as a weapon and my dog and I charged, screaming to the top of my lungs at the dogs. By this point my SO was on our heals and the dogs had retreated followed by my dog who quickly returned to the scene after the danger had fled. I'm afraid it was to late. As soon as they let my little girl go she ran down into the storm drain where she collapsed just out of my reach. I cried and plead for her to come to me but she didn't have the strength and shortly crossed the bridge. A piece of me died that night.

I feel I had a premonition about her death just weeks prior. I had a strong feeling one night I should make my kitties an outdoor enclosure and make them stay inside due to the increased number of dogs in our neighborhood. Being we don't own our house and my babies have always been free range I put it off. Shame on me, I took her for granted. Now I can live the rest of my life knowing I could have prevented her death.

I will NEVER make this mistake again and my beliefs about cats being allowed to go outside has flipped-flopped. My SO and I immediately set forth with constructing a modest enclosure for the two boys. I didn't even ask my landlord. I wasn't taking any chances of being told no. After 4 very stressful days it was sound enough to house the boys and I could collapse in my sorrow. It's been a tough transistion for the whole family but a necessary one.

We're coping with her passing one day at a time. I want so bad to just remeber how beautiful she was and not that tragic night she fought for her life and lost. I pray that will come in time. It dosen't help that the a**hole that owns the dogs has been anything but sensitive or compassionate and refuses to fix the breech in his fence. I'm on it though. I am sleeping with one eye open in my efforts to inform animal control of when they're out. They have to be stopped. My poor baby was one of five (that I personally know of) who lost their lives that night.

Please take a minute to view my little video remembering my baby girl.

Rest in Peace Baby Girl. Please forgive me for my negligence.

This is the Mi-morial.

It was not very well received by the boys but they're slowly coming around. I've added alot of cat friendly grasses, plants and bird feeders around the yard in hopes of some enrichment. Cost was aprox. $100.

A big thanks to all my friends that pitched in on materials and a super big thanks to my SO for constructing the most wonderful gift I've ever been given. Peace of mind knowing my other two babies are safe.
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She was precious and oh so beautiful. My heart goes out to you. Please don't blame yourself. Blame those Bully Dogs and their equally as big of a bully, owner. RIP little Mi Mi, and watch over your earth bound family, until you all meet again.
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What a beautiful tribute for your little girl. It brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
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Originally Posted by abbycats View Post

What a beautiful tribute for your little girl. It brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
to help you with your pain... & a for Mi-Mi. her Mi-morial is lovely - a fitting tribute to her
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My condolences to you for losing your precious girl.

Don't blame yourself... and definitely don't blame the dogs!

The one who's really at fault here is that owner. There's only one reason why he refuses to fix his fence - he breeds his dogs to be mean and a mean dog makes him feel more like a man. Guys like these need to be slapped with a hefty fine and banned from owning more dogs ever again, or its not just kitties who will suffer, his future dogs will suffer too as people will keep complaining and the dogs will keep getting put to sleep for no good reason.

Such people are just rotten to the core. I'm so sorry this man has caused you grief, and I'm glad you have taken measures to keep your boys safe.

RIP Mi-mi
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post
The one who's really at fault here is that owner.

I'm so sorry for your loss of your little girl, she was truly a princess, but now an angel at the bridge At least your boys will be safe now in their enclosure

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Condolences on such a tragic loss!! I, too, lost a kitten to a neighbor's dogs who had tunneled through the fence - the memories can be so very haunting. Your memorial is lovely though, and your sweet precious MiMi had a lifetime of being treasured and adored and now she is playing happily over RB, safe from those kinds of dogs, and someday you will be reunited again, this time forever....
I love the cat enclosure - a great alternative!!! Sending prayers and vibes for protection out to the other kitties, small dogs and young children in your neighborhood; until animal control can put a lid on that situation, they're gonna need it
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bless poor little mimi - she is a beautiful girl. i particularly loved the belly-up photos. she certainly looked to be enjoying herself in all your pictures. i cannot imagine the pain you must feel & wish i could take it away for you. you have no negligence & have done nothing wrong. your baby girl enjoyed a lifetime in the trees, grass & sun - this is precious. you are in my thoughts & i send all my love to you at what must be the hardest time for you. we're all here for you & your Princess MiMi will be smiling down on you thinking about how well you have done by her & your 2 boys. Feel her love always & know it will never falter xxxxxx
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I'm so sorry about the sudden loss of your beautiful Princess. Rest in Peace MiMi.
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i'm so truly sorry. i read your post with tears in my eyes and i can only begin to imagine what you are feeling.

she was a beautiful girl and you, your so and your dear friends have made sure she did not die in vain, by creating that wonderful enclosure.

my heart goes out to you.

RIP precious mimi. you are safe from harm across the bridge, vibrant and strong forever.
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I can't say enough how comforting all your words and prayers are and I am most grateful that you all have reached out to me in my time of need. I know how hard it is to visit this section of the forum and it says alot about each and every one of you that you took the time to share my burden.

Just so everyone knows, I don't blame the dogs. I blame their owner. Do I wish I didn't ever have to see them or the dummy that owns them again? You bet ya! They will always be a terrible reminder of that night and constant stress knowing that it could happen to someone else's baby. (Again!) This guy even threatned me saying I need to keep my cats out of his yard. As if! I told him my cats are no longer allowed out and his reply was "then what are you worried about then?" Ummmmm, other peoples pets, possibly children? Does he know or care I had to tell my neighbor what happened to her beautiful baby while she wept over his body. He can't possibly know how painful this whole chapter in my life has been all because of him.

Again, thank you all for being here for me. We cat people are kindred spirits and your tears and prayers are definatelt felt. I'm sure Mi-Mi thanks you too. She knows she is beautiful but still dosen't mind hearing it.
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As I look at your tribute it dawned on me how truely stunning she was; a beautiful doll that you must of been very proud of! Im sorry she crossed so soon, always listen to your heart, it tells you things in advance, its like the weather man only normally right! Dont blame yourself, you did what you could, and just look at the Mi Mi memorial! I enjoyed seeing the pictures from her while she was younger and then again as she got older, just one of the most beautiful cats Ive ever seen, and Ive had a few stunners myself! Im here if you want to talk, I also have AIM, yahoo, msn & myspace, feel free to contact me anytime! You are in my thoughts and prayers, and may your Princess be safe and sound over the Rainbow Bridge, where she will be forever climbing trees!
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She was certainly a beautiful girl. I love her little patch on her head.
Don't blame yourself. You had no way of knowing that would happen. Your experience has now turned into a safe enclosure for your kitties. Maybe someone else reading this will decide to build an enclosure too and lives can be saved.
Your tribute was lovely. It made me teary and I am so sorry you had to experience something to violent and senseless.
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Thanks again for your continued condolences and compliments for my beautiful girl. I have picked myself up a little for the health of my family and myself. It has truly helped me coming here talking and sharing my tribute to her. (which I watch at least once a day)

I can't say enough how happy I am to have found TCS and it's members.
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I'm really sorry you lost Princess. I hope your heart heals well.
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I am so sorry you lost your MiMi. She was very very beautiful! What happened to her was a tragic thing, Im glad you are taking this as a learning experience & have built an enclosure for your other cats. Now they can be safe while still being outside.

R.I.P. Beautiful MiMi.
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I'm so sorry you lost your beautiful girl. It is very admirable that you turned some of your grief into a live-saving memorial for her. Here are some healing vibes for you, your so and your two boys:
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May she rest in peace now. What a beautiful tribute to her that you did, I was deeply touched and cried, she was a gorgeous little girl. You are in my thoughts. I second what another poster wrote, please do not blame yourself, although I empathize with your reasoning, but rather place the blame where it truly belongs and that is with the irresponsible dog owner and those dogs.
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