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New kitten...& and older kitten

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Well not really, they both about the same age and we were told that they should get along just fine.

Welp, we went tot he vet only to find that the new kitten has ear mites. So he's been quarantined, but just to kinda introduce them we put him in the middle of the room in a cage for an older kitten to see him. She laid a few feet away from him and didn't date to come.

Now day 3...I tried petting the older kitten and then petting a new one. New one doesn't mind, when I try doing the same with the older one she starts to hiss a bit and kinda growl.

When I put them a few feet away, holding the new one and older one kind circling around him. As son as new kitten tries to approach she hisses and tries to pounce him with her paws.

The new kitten is a sweetheart, he purrs whenever I barely touch him and LOVES to be held in hands.

I've been reading and reading on how to introduce new pets in the household and well..I've been doing that exactly...

Thanks to ear mites he's quarantited in a different room, but they can smell each other through the door. I've been slowly giving each of them each other's scent as well as holding both kittens and trying to look at each other. The black one still hisses...

Anyone has any more ideas or shold I just keep trying?

PS: We have an older cat and the older kitten doesn't seem to mind him. Although she gets her butt kicked back all the time as she tries playing with him...
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Hi First of all, don't take the ear mites infection lightly..... It can often result in extreme discomfort and is contagious to the other kitties.

What are their ages? Often females go through the hormonal change before males, it is easier to introduce kittens 4 months and younger within 2 weeks of each others age. 5-6 months to 1 year it much more difficult to introduce one to either a kitten or older.

Another factor could be that the one being treated smells different from medication. Even siblings may respond negatively to another if sick or after medicated.

I would continue quarantine without attempts to indirectly introduce till infection is cleared. Then begin introductions from square one.
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