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adopting both.....

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So we are considering adopting Piper and Poppy together. They were found in an abandoned car with a dead sibling at 1 week old, so they've been bottlefed the last 8 weeks. We also have Coriander, who despises them....... I wanted Coriander to be an indoor cat. My mom is very adamant about having 2 cats and at least one be an outdoor one, because we have chickens and mice tend to eat their food. Recently our cat Fina dissappeared, presumably by coyotes... Piper will definitely be indoors after that. But Coriander will have to be outside. I was thinking of adopting Poppy too. Since Coriander hates Piper, and Piper has no mom, I feel bad for her- she might like a friend. But Poppy will have to be the indoor/outdoor mouser. Poppy hasn't really inherited some necessary catlike skills, and she doesn't know her biting boundaries. Being that she's pure black I doubt she'll get adopted either. But if she goes outside Piper might want to too. Poppy would not be 100% outdoors. She would stay in all night and presumably most of the winter. So what do you think- Coriander outside, Piper inside, with no friend OR Coriander inside, Piper inside, Poppy inside/outside??
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How about 2 indoors and 1 indoor/outdoor. I would keep Piper and Poppy together. They do well with a friend.
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I would like to. I am in Cat 4-H (not sure if anybody's familiar with that) and a portion of the shows include showing the cat. Because Piper and Coriander would be the main showers, I'd like to keep them inside. My mom wants a barn cat instead of Poppy, but I'm not too sure about this. We don't really have the right property for it. We live right next to woods that have coyotes in them - which is why I'm hesitant to have Poppy indoor/outdoor - and only 2 acres surrounded by neighbors who aren't so fond of cats. No barn either. Just sheds. But on the other hand, Piper really is attached to Poppy, but we haven't got a lot of money. A barn cat would be cheapest because they don't need shots or vet bills (or so my mom thinks) but hmmmm...
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I think you should keep them both! They are best friends.

As for keeping one outside, or indoor / outdoor, well, I've never been an advocate of that. Especially with coyotes out there... But, your mom is boss. If you've tried everything you can to convince her that it is best for the cats to be inside only, and she still insists on a barn cat... Well, it's sad, but she's the boss. However, do remind her that barn cats need love and care, too! Including vet bills and shots.

And keeping Poppy inside and outside, at least she'll still get the love and attention she needs, and your mom will be happy to have a cat patrolling the barns. I just hope she stays safe...
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I am indoor only advocate too.
In light of your last post I am thinking maybe keeping Poppy is not the best idea. I know you love them but cats are no match for coyotes and it is not fair to leave a cat vulnerable outdoors. Maybe you should consider trying to keep 2 indoors and not try indoor/outdoor. I know Mom is boss but since you have no barn that could be safe the cat would be left very vulnerable.
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It probably wouldn't but... there is no way that my mom will change her mind. I don't think just because it's a wild barn cat it deserves to die either.
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Originally Posted by K.J. View Post
It probably wouldn't but... there is no way that my mom will change her mind. I don't think just because it's a wild barn cat it deserves to die either.
I know. I know if you had it your way, everyone would live happily inside. Sometimes people have antiquated ideas about cats and cat care. There used to be a time when people threw cats outdoors and figured they could fend for themselves. We have come to know that is false. Barn cats can lead a good life if they have a warm place to sleep, vet care, attention from their human and some safety. Plenty of people on the forum have barn cats that are rescues from shelters where otherwise the cat would have been put down.
It seems you are between a rock and a hard place. You want to keep the kitties but Mom can't be convinced to change her mind.
What do you think is the best compromise you can get with Mom?
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Please don't put that precious Poppy outside

If you can't keep Piper and Poppy both inside, then you should try to find a home for her.
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I've had a talk with her and...
She doesn't seem so keen on barn cats or outside cats at all. But we tried to keep Coriander in from 6 PM and she went crazy. We had to keep her in my room and she tried to attack the kittens in her cage. Whenever I tried to calm her down she would scratch me. I am losing my faith she would ever be an indoor cat. She is just so persistent, especially since we foster, she needs her time. I would not adopt Poppy if she would have to be outside. But I also know if she gets taken to the animal shelter she will almost definitely be outdoor or indoor outdoor. Piper would be so lonely inside by herself. Right now the conclusion I think would be best is if Coriander stayed an indoor/outdoor cat, and Piper and Poppy would be the full indoor together... but i don't know
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Bottle fed kittens should never be let outside. Period. If you are unable to keep them both indoors, then please do re-home them.

As for Coriander....I have not much advice there. You can try feliway, rescue remedy, etc. Basically, you know as well as the rest of us, if a coyote got Fina, chances are the same will happen of Coriander.

Any way you can get an enclosure built?

I am one of the people on TCS who does have outdoor only farm cats. Many were going to be euthanized otherwise. No, not ideal. I do not have coyote issues & haven't lost any to coyotes in....gosh 5 or more years. Since they all got spayed/neutered, none have really left the place. They have high quality food, lots of shelter, water, are vetted, etc. Most are kept in the garage as they are older.
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I know you've already heard this, but bottle babies should never be outside. Remember they did not have a mom to teach them critical cat skills, so they are at a disadvantage. It sounds like it is very dangerous for any cat to be outside where you are, let alone a baby that doesn't know what it's doing.
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I get where you are with Coriander. When we move to our new house next month (it's on the same property) maybe she would be more acceptable to indoor life. The thing is, if Piper and Poppy go to the shelter, there's a slim to none chance they will both be adopted and kept indoors. After advice here I would never keep Poppy outside, but I know someone else would, because at the shelter - it takes long enough for any black cat to get adopted, let alone one who has to be adopted with her sister and kept indoors. Right now the only thing stopping us is money. I wouldn't want any cat to be in an accident. I think my mom is upset enough about Fina she wouldn't mind keeping Piper and Coriander inside, but Poppy is sort of an addition to that plan we can't really afford... additionally, we did want to build an enclosure. But because of my mom's ridiculous landscaping that sort of ended quickly. I guess I'll just wait until they're 4 months old and decide
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