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Getting Speutered next Tuesday!

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Pixel and Bamf are getting speutered next Tuesday, because Bamf is finally pooping good, solid poop of normal color (yay! ). One is male and one is female, so is there any special advice from the great TCS members for this momentous occasion? Things we should do to get ready, or that I should do to take care of them after? I know my vet will give me advice too, but I thought I would ask all you guys!

And can they have a few vibes for everything to go well?

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Speutered? There's a new one.

I don't think you really need advice. No food after midnight, and no water after ?? They should tel you.

Have them microchipped at the same time?
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Its so routine, there really isn't anything to do. Many Prayers and that all goes well.
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Omelet is getting neutered Wednesday. Only thing they said is no food after Midnight but water was ok.
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Holly is getting spayed soon too, so I'm right there with ya.

They gave me a paper saying no food or water for I think 12 hours before you bring them in. And afterwards I'm going to try and keep her calm and resting, but that's hard with two cats. They are usually really sleepy at first, so just keep a really close eye on them. And after maybe a week you'll know if the stiches are healing ok and all that. Good luck, I'm positive they will be fine though

I'm going to get her microchipped (15$) and a rabies shot (5$) since she is there. We are going to a low cost clinic (part of the city pound) since the spay is about 60$ I think. I mention this only because a women just told me her vet wants over 500$ to spay her cat!!!
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Chances are, your kittens won't miss a beat.

Your vet should give you info about when to remove access to food. Mine was after 5pm the previous day, but others seem to have had 12 hour rules.

I'm assuming you'll get pre-op blood work done? I think it's worth the peace of mind for you!

Care after surgery will depend on whether you bring them home the same day or the next day. I picked Belle and Delilah up the next morning. They were either still a little out of it or just traumatized by the trip to the vet because they kept it pretty low-key the first day. They were stuck to me like glue and slept for most of the day. The next day, however, they were back to their punky selves and I chased them around trying to keep them "still and quite." I finally gave up and only really stopped them when they started to wrestle.

Watch out for them licking or pulling at their stiches. Belle and Delilah were doing this the first day, but after a couple taps on the chin they got the idea. Keep an eye on the incision - make sure there is no excessive swelling or redness.

Other than that, try not to worry too much. I hated the day without them at home, but was glad when it was done and over with!

for a smooth speuter day!

Oh, and if just Pixel is staying overnight (mine keeps females, sends males home), you might want to send a shirt/blanket with your/Bamf's smells on it to make her more comfortable for her sleep over. Chances are she'll be too out of it to care, but it's nice to know it's there.
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depends on the vet's instructions & policy. all of my girls came home the same day - they were spayed early in the morning, then i picked them up around noon & took them home. oh, except Firefox - didn't get her that early. she was spayed @ around 5pm, then i picked her up around 9pm.
all of the slept for the rest of the day [or night, in Firefox's case] & the next day it was 'business as usual'. none of mine ever bothered their incisions, either.
4 of mine were spayed at low-cost clinics, as well. Java was spayed by my vet at the time, for a comparable rate. that vet charged more for an overnight spay stay.
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I like the low cost clinics. It enables people to foster and TNR without breaking the bank.

Good luck to the little ones.
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One trick we learned early on was that if you bring them home still partly anesthetized, it's a good idea to put them somewhere they can't hurt themselves. Snoopy would get up, start walking, and just go faster and faster until he hit something to stop him. We finally put him in a cardboard box with fairly high sides. That way, he could move around, but couldn't build up enough speed to hurt himself. A cage would work, too, but not everyone has one of those around.
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Well done all of you responsible owners for getting your babies fixed
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Ah, this brings back my own speutering memories!

I agree with mrblanche - if they are still slightly doped up when you get them home, they will be scared if you immediately let them out. With Conor (our girl) we actually kept her in her cage - she got fixed in the morning and we picked her up around 8pm. She was very tired so she just went right to sleep. We let her out the next morning and she went straight under the bed, but within a few hours (when food came out!) she was pretty much back to her normal self. She never bothered her stitches - she pulled one or two through normal activity though. They do flank spay here, so we were able to keep a good eye on her progress!

The boys were easy. Back to normal selves within hours of coming home!

Talk to your vet about the no food/water thing. Our vet recommends nothing after 10pm.
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Originally Posted by wendyr View Post
I agree with mrblanche - if they are still slightly doped up when you get them home, they will be scared if you immediately let them out.
mine stayed in their carrier for a few hours, then in the bathroom w/the lights off. vets always said that while the anesthesia was wearing off they would hallucinate.
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Well Omelet was done yesterday. the only thing I can say now is don't assume your boy will bounce back quicker then your girl. Just like people, cats can be different too. My girl literally acted like nothing happen (she was playing after a hour I brought her home), but yet Omelet today still seems pretty sore & not happy! he is just sleeping, gets up to eat a little and goes back to bed and seems VERY uncomfortable.
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Yay for speutering!

Chloe was spayed at 5 months back in January and she did fine. The hardest part was that she was a little bit off-balance the rest of the day and would try to jump on counters and then would fall. You have to keep the cats somewhat isolated from stuff like that so they don't hurt themselves or make the stitches come out. She was her normal self, playful and full of energy and happy to be home. I think recovery for a female is a little more difficult than for males since the spay surgery is more invasive than the neuter.

I wish I had gone to a low-cost clinic. I would have qualified as a student. I had my vet do it and it was about $200 with all the anesthesia and the bloodwork and meds.
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I just wanted to thank everyone for the reassurances and the great advice!

I am supposed to take away their food at midnight the night before, and I am dropping them off in the morning. It will be around $200 total for both the spay and the neuter, an overnight stay, and bloodwork. It may be extra if they need meds.

Seems like a pretty good deal.

I'm nervous and excited! But I am very happy that they will be taken care of and we won't have to worry about our babies having more babies. Eek!

They will be 5 1/2 months old. I would have done them a few weeks ago, but the vet wanted to wait to see if Bamf's belly settled down. Yay for solid poop!

Thanks again everyone!
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