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Availability of Solid Gold?

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Is anybody in the U.S. or Canada having trouble getting the Solid Gold canned food at the moment? We can get the kibble, but the canned stuff has been unavailable for almost 6 months (and my stocks of it are depleted). First we were told that the formula was being changed, and that we could get it again in February, but now nobody seems to know what is going on, or when we will be able to buy it again.
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I have never seen SG wet anywhere. Just the dry stuff. I bought a bag of the new dry stuff as well about a month ago. Good stuff.
Did you check their official site for listening of distrubuters and call them to see if they carry wet?
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I have a list of dealers in Germany who normally carry it - they all say it's unavailable at present. It can't be that they're refusing to supply German companies because of Iraq, since the dry food is available. If they don't have it here soon, I'm going to have to bring a case or two of it back with me when I visit the US in August. Customs is going to love that. It's one of the few canned foods our cat will eat. I just hope the company hasn't decided to discontinue it.
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Hmm why don't you send SG an email, or call them? That's what I did and I got a nice quick repsonce.
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Most Pet Stores around here only carry Solid Gold wet food for dogs! I have'nt seen the wet food for cats anywhere!
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That's odd. You'd think that the pet stores would carry both. The canned food is fish-based.
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I contacted Solid Gold and asked about the canned food. They replied the same day and said the new recipe (red tuna and white tuna in gravy) was available, and that their European distributor had already placed an order. I mentioned that a lot of people in North America aren't aware that they have canned cat food, but they didn't comment on that. Maybe they'll push the product a little more - it really is a great food for tuna fans.
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