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Daily question!......08-11-08

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Good morning my dear friends…

Today I have the privilege to post here your daily question for the Lounge… I want to mention that all questions here are just for the unique porpoise of fun and of course, to stay in touch with all members, and to know what do you think about it… of course sometimes some questions are a kind of silly but funniest in the bottom!..… so lets begin…

- Do you remember where was the place where you give OR you receive you firts romantic kiss?........ ( are you regret of that nigth? or was a success?..........)
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John was my first kiss . It was about two weeks after we started dating. He had a school bus at the time that he had traded a dump truck for, he called it his "pirate bus". He had a tv and computer and a couch on the bus and he was sleeping out there most nights when the weather was nice. We were sitting out there watching a movie and he kissed me. It was very sweet, and definitely no regrets!
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My first kiss was from a boy named Philip whom I have known since kindergarden..We were both 12 at the time and were best friends..He had a crush on this girl named Kathy and wanted to kiss her but asked me if he could pratice first on me to make sure he got it right..
It was all very cute and it's one of those childhood memories that make you smile..
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Hmm, his name was Shannon and I was about 14-15 and we were outside at a friend's birthday party. It was short and sweet and only happened the one time. He was killed in a car accident not long after. He tasted like bubblegum
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I have 2 of them to share. One was with my first bf when I was 18 - in the back seat - making out

The second one was with my husband when we first met in person (at the airport) - we were so happy to finally touch each other that we just held each other tight and kissed. That one was far more romantic then the 1st kiss with John
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My first kiss was a boy named Peter. Behind the lilac bush in my yard. I had such a crush on him.
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Well, it wasn't my first kiss but it was the best up to that time. I just started going out with Dominic and I was just crazy about him. We went out for 2 1/2 years and he was the first guy who asked me to marry him.
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I was thirteen and it was on a Halloween hayride with our youth group. We hid under the hay in the back. Boy does that bring back memories.
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My first kiss was from my little middle school boyfriend. His name was Terry and he lived in my old neighborhood- we used to hang out all summer long together when we were young.

Towards the end of that summer he found out his family was moving away to a different state (kinda sad). One day before he left to move, he got up the nerve to kiss me We were on my front porch when he kissed me. It was very sweet/innocent.
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My first kiss happened when I was 19 years old, his name was Jon, and he had fancied me for almost 3 years before he finally got his chance to kiss me!

The kiss happened when we were both sat on a sofa in one of our local nightclubs! It was so sweet that I even wrote about it in my journal the next day!..I still look back through it now to remember it all
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Wow....I am grinning right now just thinking about it. His name was Nick and he and I went out to coffee with a friend and her bf. We were just walking around in the dark afterwards talking and holding hands and he just sort of leaned down and we kissed. He was probably about 6'5"....I was walking on air for the next week
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I can remember mine like it was yesterday. I was 14 and her name was Joyce and she was my first "real" girlfriend.
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What cute stories everyone has!

Mine's gonna be another innocent one. Except, I love to tease my current husband about it! Mine was in elementary school, I think fifth grade... My best friend and I had this other pair of best friends, two boys, who kind of like us in a fifth grader sort of way. So, the half of that pair that liked her "asked her out", I forget his name... All they did was kind of hold hands a few times. It was really cute!

Then, the other half of the boy pair, his name was Larry (whew, almost couldn't remember! ), so since his best friend had a "girlfriend", he had to, too. So one day shortly after our best friends were seen holding hands together, he had to make his move. We were just hanging out at recess in the yard, and he suddenly reached over and kissed me and said "now you're my girlfriend".

I like to tease hubby about it because, as would be expected with fifth-grade boyfriends, we never really "broke up", so I tease him that I still have my first boyfriend! Though I never did see him again after that year...
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My first kiss was underwater! I was about twelve years old and my boyfriend was about ten and we were playing in his pool and just decided that was a good place for a kiss.
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Originally Posted by BelongsToEvie View Post
What cute stories everyone has!
...Absolutely brilliant and lovely historys!......
Mine was in the bus stop when I had 13 years old, at last take courage to invite to Lili at the cinema and meanwhile we wait the bus, I ask to her if I like her and she told me yes... was really lovely....

unfortunately she should to change of city......
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Ugh. My first kiss was one of my flings in college. Yeah, that can definitely be forgotten about.

I guess my first kiss that counts was my boyfriend right now. We were in my dorm at the beginning of my junior year, the day before we officially started dating. And he just kissed me. Not really romantic but a great day. I think that was the day I became the happiest I've ever been
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