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Help Me Please!!!!!

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I went to that litter site to hear the screaming kittys and now it's stuck on my computer, when I turn the speackers on there it is. It's haunting me, PLEASE HELP ME. I'M SCARED!!!!!!!!

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sorry I had to laugh...I am sure soemone will help you out..
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I know it's allways funny when it happens to someone else.
LIke yeserday when I fell and broke my ankle at the libary on campus, at first everyone gasped then I guess because of the way I fell they all started to laugh which seemingly drown out my yelling.

Any way I shut down the computer and then rebooted it, I couldn't wait for help my pusses and I are all going to have nightmares. Then I went and put a cd in to hopefully kick that crying out or at least drown it.

So if one of the moderators want to delete this thread they can, I don't know how to do that either. See I'm new to the internet and I'm not up to par on everything, YET, I'm a quick learner.

Thank you, Dali
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when ever that happens to me i normallly just restart Sorry about your ankle
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Thank you so much for the sympothy, I was thinking no one cared. Even in my own family they are like "oh get over it" just walk on the crutches. It's so hard with the animals, they think that the crutches are new toys, and have tripped me uncountable times. At first I was mad but not I just try and hurry before any kitty realizes I'm up, it's like a race.
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wow, that sucks.
I remember reading about your broken ankle in another thread, I'm sorry. I know you're a very busy person and this just doesn't help you at all... but I can't believe your own family doesn't sympathize with you - that's rude! Your family should be the most helpful of all. Perhaps they don't believe you actually broke it? and perhaps they think it's just a sprain?

Keep your hopes up, you'll be dancing soon enough.
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Sorry I missed you mentioning a broken ankle. That can be a bitch. My good friend broke his a couple of years ago and needed surgery and everything. Hope you are feeling better soon!
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On monday I'll be going to my pcp, because the er doctor saw me for a total for 30 seconds. Today my ankle is 3or 4 lovely shades of blue and purple.

Thanks everyone. for making me feel better.
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