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Daily Thread Monday August 11th

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Morning folks!

I am back from home at about 2am last night. I am dead tired today..and cannot wait to get home at 2:30 today to sleep!

Trout had her first "mom is gone for way too long and I think I might go insane" ordeal. My sister thought I was coming home Saturday so the last time she checked on Trout was Thursday and she was low on food! She called me in a panic yesterday morning wondering where I was...and I was still in Ottawa!! So she raced over to my house to find an overpowering litterbox smell, everything in my place knocked over, and a hissing hungry Trout!

I worried all the way home (the whole 8 hour trip) and finally when I got in..Trout was fine. She had eaten some, and she seemed VERY happy to see me. She was cuddling so much I didn't recognize her. Poor little thing. Anyway, she is fine now, but her litterbox needs an overhaul so I will be doing that today after work Not sure how it got so bad.

Had a really great job interview in Ottawa...just emailed my references fingers crossed

The trip was amazing...too much to go through here right now at 6:37am..soooooooo tired.

Have a good one!
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Hello! welcome back! Glad you had a good trip

Poor little Trouty!

Quite warm here today, I right now am boiling, but I am wearing a long sleeved top and have just been running around the garden with my little cousin like a lunatic.

Mitzi woke me at 5 today, meowing and biting my toes

Don't have a clue what I'm doing today...Nothing I guess...

Have a great day!
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Good morning!

So tired this morning. For some reason, I just could not fall asleep last night. Neither could DH. We were both dead tired, but as soon as we laid down, it was as if we were wide awake! And of course, this morning is the first morning we've gotten up on time in a LONG time, which means only about 5 hours of sleep ... I want more!

Got a good deal of work to do today, a lot of gross samples too. Gotta weigh up a good bit of fish to be put on ... and they were collected in June Ewww.

Have a lovely day
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Shelter day today. I'm worried about Max, a big gray and white long-haired declawed boy. I don't think he's eating. Also Wilbur, now Rory, may be losing his fight.

We need a good rainstorm.
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Might be something in the air as I am tired too. Glad to know that Ms. Trouty is hopeful back to her routine.

I heard something outside-actually I know there are raccoons eating my sweetcorn (grrr),, then I thought my cell phone rang-its in the kitchen then I thought I heard the shower turn off!! Yikes I must have been halucinating!!

Anyhow cool morning-Bobs crawled under the covers she must have been cold!!
Sunny though with minimal breeze.

Heading out in a bit-have to find my rake 1st.

Pre-season game tonite wonder how the Pack will be without Farve.

Have a good monday
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and cool here today..

Taking the day off, have a doctor's appointment this morning so will be heading off to that shortly..

Afterwards I have several errands to run, then it home to do some housework..I been slacking a bit lately so I have plenty of chores to keep me busy this afternoon.

Kitties are good tearing around the house like little banshee's right now..

Everyone have a great day
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Aww poor Trout I bet she's glad your home now!

Not a lot going on here today. This morning i went to the doctor with dh for a bit. After that we went to Taco Bell for some lunch.

Right now we're hanging out around the house watching Animal Planet with the dogs

Poor Fosters has yet ANOTHER yeast infection in his ears (he gets them all the time- darn floppy Aussie ears!) So i've got to clean his ears out in a little while. He's not feeling so great, so we've been babying him all day.

Other than that i'm just looking up the requirements for me to get my therapy dog certification and also looking for a new k-9 partner to adopt soon, so we'll see! I'm doing that today and also looking online for rental places to hopefully find a place for my mom to move to soon.
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Good afternoon everyone!

Poor little Trout!! Evie sends her lots of Evie is feeling the same way- Abandoned! Though luckily her pet sitter was there for her taking great care of her. I bet your sister felt so bad! Poor thing. But like Trout, Evie is SO cuddly now that I'm back. I think I need to go away more often just to get extra cuddles! She's purring up a storm, non stop, and SO loud. I feel loved.

Otherwise, man, I got a lot to catch up on! Work and home both have been neglected while I was gone. To be expected of course, but still, no fun!

We had a great time in LA. I miss everyone already! I love my family reunions, I have a great family. I also miss the weather! For the first time since buying it end of June, my Prius displayed an "outside temp" of 97!! I could tell as soon as we got home because it dropped 15 degrees.

Still, today is pretty nice weather even here, so despite all I need to do, I may just have to take my girls out for a walk! We shall see...

Everyone have a great day!
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Well, seeing as we're still on our vacation in Pennsylvania....

Today we went horseback riding ... in the rain. It was actually really fun though. It was 45 minutes, and the other people bailed out cause it was raining so it was only me, my boyfriend, and the instructor. It was definitely a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I think we're going to Bushkill Falls to go hiking. I think we're going on the 2 hour hike, to see a bunch of waterfalls. If I get some good pictures I'll post them here.

Wednesday I think it's Hershey Park, because it's only supposed to be a 20% chance of rain.

But we both are really missing Kairi and Namine and can't wait to see them Friday afternoon. We have a good friend coming in once or twice a day to feed them and play with them. So we know they are at least in good hands.
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