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'The Cat Site' T-Shirt In Action (Sort Of)!

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The photograph below, exclusive to "The Cat Site," shows an ash-gray "The Cat Site" T-shirt being worn by a Homo sapiens individual who is in proximity to an actual cat (Felis catus).

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Actually, Joe, you left out the 1 option in your poll that I would have chosen, namely:

"The shirt is great, but why wouldn't the swimsuit girl model it?"

You have me really laughing with this thread. Thanks.
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Both Sarah M. Gellar and Melissa J. Hart are "busy," according to their public-relations people. Oh, well. Thanks, though, for your reply! Gee, ain't this a popular thread?

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Wow! It actually exists in real life!!!:flash: :flash:

You made my day Joe! And you make a great model
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Thanks, Anne, for recognizing the universal appeal I've developed over the years. I am, after all, superior in many ways yet perfectly humble as well.


Michaela Kristin
Felis catus

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i choose option a)

but geeeeeeeeeez, where's the option of, i like the shirt, and will
buy one right away (or very, very soon) AND i think the guy wearing it
is pretty darn cute for his age?!

you're the best, Mr.Cat
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Ooo, sexy T-shirt!
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I'm blushing now. No, I won't take a picture to illustrate that! (Thanks for the kind remarks. Don't tell anybody I said so.)

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Hey Mr. Cat

Ever thought of a modeling career? You'd knock the socks off those guys who THINK they are God's gift to women.


P.S. Like the shirt, LOVE the model. Can I get him?
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Hasbro, the manufacturer of G.I. Joe action figures, announced today its introduction of a "new" G.I. Joe. Called G.I. Joe 30 Years After the War, the new action-figure is remarkable for its inaction.

"I was a G.I. and my name is Joe," stated the man after whom the new G.I. Joe was modeled and whose photograph appears elsewhere on this thread. "But I'd no idea they'd choose me for their model."

In keeping with political correctness, G.I. Joe 30 Years After the War doesn't wear a uniform nor carry weapons. "The new G.I. Joe pets cats and reads books," according to confidential sources.

Anti-war activists from the 1960s complain the new G.I. Joe is misleading. "Presenting G.I. Joe as a humane figure in his retirement is bad," said one former member of the Students for a Democratic Society. "It might make children think military people are human beings and that's not right."

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How about we put the T-shirt on the cat, and the guy climbs up on the Kitty Tree? :eye&mouth
That oughta sell a few shirts! :laughing:

Great poll Joe!

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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2

thanks for the laught ...

Excuse my ignorance but I have always wondered what does G.I. actually stand for?
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You know, it's difficult trying to get comfortable on top of this cat tower. I've really got to lose some weight! Mind, Michaela and Tonya are loving the T-shirt. It's big enought for both of them!

Okay, "G.I." means "government issue." Since everything manufactured for use by the U.S.A. military was deemed "government issue," the people themselves began referring to one another as "G.I.s." I don't know exactly when that nickname came into use — perhaps it was during the First World War.

Now I'm going to research that and get back to you, as you've aroused my interest in finding out just when "G.I." became a nickname for someone in U.S.A. military service.

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I second Cleo's idea.
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