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How to build a fantastic cat toy--pic heavy!

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Step by step instructions:

First, get a roll of masking paper. Don't have any? You can get it at Home Depot or Lowes, and it's not particularly expensive. Or you can ask a butcher for an almost-finished roll of butcher paper.

Unroll a length of it, say 4 feet or so.

Cut it off. Move the cat first.

Reroll it backwards, to take some of the curve out of it.

Cut a hole in the middle, six inches or so. I used my trusty trucker's Swiss Army knife for all the cutting operations. Be sure you do it right, or the cat will tell you about it.

Remove the hole. Or remove the paper covering the hole. The English language doesn't always work well. Again, don't annoy the cat by doing it wrong.

Apply a string judiciously. A knot in the end of the string will, I suspect, imitate the sounds of a small creature under a pile of leaves. The cats love it.

After much frolicking over several days, the toy will look like this.

Ella says, "Daddy, it's broked. Make a new one, please." She needs her hiding place replaced.
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Well done tutorial, that's a really good idea! I should try that, my boys would love it
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who needs to spend a ton of money on fancy toys when they lurve boxes and paper!
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i love the way punkin is assisting you, or rather making sure you do the job properly!
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Wonderful toy! Your kitty is the same colour as the paper
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Awwwww what a good little supervisor you've got there
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great idea! and, the cheaper the toy, the more they love it. We might just have to try that one...
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Thats give me an idea....
My kitties love to jump on my bed. Anything that move under the blanket would be jumped at, including me.

What I would do is, tie something to a string and loop it across/around the bed pole, cover it under the blanket. Pull the string to move the mystery object around the bed and all kitties will jump at it till it stop moving....
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What a great idea. That last pic is so funny

Those kitty cats of yours are just adorable!
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mrblanche, thank you for the wonderful idea! It was fairly popular with the kitties.

Swanie jumps right in:

Cindy is a little more cautious:

Where'd it go???

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