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cat hammocks

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HELP!! I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to search the internet for PCV cat hammocks that you can make yourself. I saw a few about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but can't find them again. I have the PVC, just would like a picture to follow for construction. Any help would be appreciated.
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I bought one last year-the frame was wood and metal but none of my cats liked it. It swings a bit when the cats jump on it and the didn't like that so I donated to my cat rescue group. Perhaps if you have one when they are kittens and get used to it??

Did you try looking under cat furniture.
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Well, these aren't instructions, but maybe by the picture you can figure some of it out?

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Thanks for the picture link. That is quite close to what I am looking for. I would put the fabric around the top PVC pipe, so it wouldn't have the swinging part. I'm sure my cats wouldn't like the swinging motion either - a lot of what I saw was attached by springs, or loops. I want the fabric tight, so the bottom is flexible , but nothing moves too much. And if I make one, and my cats don't like it, it hasn't cost me a lot of money.
I looked under furniture, beds, everything. I was amazed at the sites that were listed that had nothing to do with CATS!!!
So, I thank you both for the response.
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My cats like our camping chairs. Like these. So once in a while I put them out, and it's like a "new" bed. The are pretty similar to the hammock cat beds I saw, but higher so the cats like that too. Ours didn't cost that much and we've had them for close to 10 yrs.
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I have one of those camping chairs - it's made out of mesh. That's what gave me the idea for a hammock - how much our cat loves to sit in it and claw at the mesh. Thanks.
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