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old age in pets

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I realized that when pets get old it's pretty much like when people get old. They may need medication and they do need special attention and extra care. I never imagined I'd be going through some of the things I am now that Popsie is old. Still, I wouldn't trade him for anything and in fact we've grown closer. I feel like we've bonded better now that I have to take extra special care of him. I love it.
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I know what you mean, while my boy isn't that old, he's 10 but he stays with me more it seems, and we seem much closer.
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Old age in pets sneaks up on us too! I can't believe that Phoebe is 12 already.....I hesitate to think about 4-5 years from now. I tend to go merrily along day to day not thinking about the future of my pets.....I just love and enjoy them every single day. Yet, when I lose one....and it's been 3 so far.....I feel like I didn't love them enough.....I just have to find ways to love them 'harder'.....they become so much a part of us...

It's so nice that you've developed that bond with's such a good just fills your with such love!
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My Maverick is 13 now, and I know our time together is getting shorter. I watch him constantly for any changes. I'm gonna be heartbroken when his time comes: I've never bonded with another furbie like I have with him.
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I am very close with Coco and she turned 16 last Feb or March. All the Vets in the office know her well. I can not believe my Meeko is 8 already.
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Mine are from 5-7 years. My friend has three who are 18,. 20 and 22 and still doing pretty well. So it's possible that our guys can last a very long time.

I am hoping mine out-live me, actually.

I did lose a kitten once, and the thought of that still makes me cry.

Thanks for saying that they grow closer - as mine have aged, they are indeed growing much closer to me (with lots of wars now because everyone wants to own me...)
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Wow, what's your friend's secret for the longevity of her kitties??
My Mikey is 16 and Bubba is 12. It is so hard watching them get older. I was 21 when Mikey was born in my backyard when I was still living with my parents. My parents are both gone now, but Mikey is still going strong. I have such a strong attachment to him. I'm tearing up just thinking about it.
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I hate to think of the day my babies are geriatric. All six of mine are 3 and under. One day I will have a house full of old cats. Hopefully they all make it there.
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Sierra just turned 14, she's just a baby!
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I have been graced with two oldsters in feline form ... Nikko was a 11 yr old meezer when I was born and was with me till I was nearly 9 .... Kandie graced me for 1 month shy of 19 yrs the last 4.5 with CRF
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Nabu is 11yrs old, since his health is so good I'm hoping for another 10 yrs. He's bratty enough to make it.

Nabu highly recommends cat grass. The week between when our last batch died and the new one sprouted his tummy didn't seem as good. He nibbles on it daily and it really seems to help. His secret to good health is cat grass and lots of canned food.
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My RB cat Sphinx was 18 years when he passed.

My dear Kuce is now 15 years (or so) and other than asthma and joint problems (which she had when we adopted her) she is doing pretty well so far. We are just watching for lameness and kidney funtions (or anything unusual). She definitely encourages playtime and love time. I wouldn't trade her, Luvbug or Sphinx for anything.

Luvbug is now 8 years and Lil' Jag just turned 4 years this month (she's bratty enough to make seniorhood).
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i only adopt oldies, so I see a different side to this, for me, 2-3 years is a very long time to have a cat (only one out of 8 has got to 3 years, only 2 have got to 2 years). I have just lost 2 in 6 weeks, so it is making me cherish the other oldies that bit more, but also highlighting the fact they wont be here forever - I am more bonded with one than the other, and dread the day she isn't here, i just hope i have another oldie I have that special bond with, to help ease the pain.
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Spaz is 14, and no one has told her yet that she's old
I do notice a few differences.
She sleeps more than she did when she was younger, and she sleeps more deeply.
She sometimes sleeps so deeply that she slides off the back of the chair and lands on my head/shoulders (all claws!) at least 2-3 times a day.

But, she still gets her nighttime kitten crazies and is still obsessed with toys and catnip, and cuddles.

I knock on wood and thank the powers that be every day that she is strong and healthy and has never had any major problems.

I know it will kill me when that terrible day does finally come.
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I just want to send my admiration to Booktigger. To adopt the oldies and see them through the last years is such a wonderful thing to do. My last cat Dillon lived till nearly 20 and the last 3 years were very stressful and it was like intensive care as he developed more problems, everything he felt, I felt and I take my hat off to anyone who can take that care on their shoulders.
Bless you for caring.
Best Wishes
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Thanks - it isn't always easy, I have just lost 2 in 6 weeks (both came here as apparently healthy cats, but it was obvious from day 2 that they weren't), that is the downside of it - but a week on, and I am wondering whether to go and find another oldie, even though I already have a 15 and 18yo in the house.
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I lost two five tear old Cat within in about 5 weeks of each other and was told Yoshi looked 15 when he was pts. I would adopt a older just to give it a better life if we had room for it. Coco has more problems since she got older but I would never give her up. A few days afo we stopped by the vets to get her C/D and the lady said is Coco seeing the vet again. Everyone knows us very well there.
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