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Another Bathroom Cat.... (Lazlo pics)

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"Spring Cleaning" the bathroom a few weeks ago, Lazlo decided he wanted to check out all the "new" cabinets (new to him, anyway!)

Lazlo the Bathroom Cat!

...I'm just looking - got a problem?

...I think I found something interesting here....

...I wonder if my bed fits in here? I'll just measure it...

...why wait until she's finished taking everything off the shelf?

ooooo - it's finally empty!!!! This is so cool!

Think I can keep it? Can I have this shelf? Daddy can keep his aftershave somewhere else, right?

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awwwww My babies love to get into draws and cabnets!!
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My kittys lone the bathroom too. So much that we had to start keeping the door shut all the time, they'd undo toilet paper (which was terribly cute but got to be costly with every roll), then they like to "hang off" shower curtain, sleep in sink but I think that's a kitty thing I also have pics of mine doing that and I enjoyed seeing everyone elses.
Then Maple and Loki will roll all around the tub after you take a bath, it's silly. I think because the tub is warm and feels good.

Your kitty was to much in there, she's also quite the model, poseing for the camara so sweetly. =^..^= Dali:blossom:
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Awww! What a cutie! (love the captions too! )
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OH my!! How cute!!!
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Those pics are too cute Laurie! Lazlo knows it's *his* room. I see some great ones for Caption This too!
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how cute!
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What a silly boy!
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Laurie, what great pictures you have there!
I love your kitties!
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Awww . . . what cute pic's!!! I love the captions!
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