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What cause a cat to wheeze like it has asma

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what can i do to stop this
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Its an Upper Respiratory infection, he needs an antibiotic, one of the kittens that I took in that was born in my backyard had a terrible wheeze. Thats how he got his name. I brought him to the Vet to get all his shots and neutered and to find out about the wheeze, the Vet said he had an upper respiratory infection. They gave me an antibiotic and it cleared up beautifully.

Good luck.
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I forgot to add that Wheezer had no other symptoms, no runny nose, no sneezing, just the wheeze. The Vet said it was definitely URI.
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How old is your cat and how long has it been wheezing? Did you take it to the vet to check for an upper respiratory infection (cold)?
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Guysowner hasn't given us enough info to conclude its an URI. It could also be asthma, or it could be heartworm. A recent article on heartworm in cats in "catnip" the Tufts vet school newsletter shows that its much more common than people think, causes usually asthma like symptoms in the lungs and can be very dangerous.

It could also be a URI but to even guess we'd have to know:
- what other symptoms there are if any
- how long the cat has had the symptoms
- how old the cat is
- how long he's had the cat
- if the cat was recently in a shelter or outside with other cats
- if the cat goes outside
- if the cat gets a heartworm preventative
- if the cat has a history of these symptoms

And then we'd only be *guessing*. You should schedule a vet visit and not rely on long distance amateur diagnosis, which is the **only** thing you get by asking us for help here, since we are all long distance and we aren't vets.
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You're right he hasn't given us much information but no matter what it is a Vets appointment is necessary.
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Can you post more about you Cat. It can be Asthma or something else. I do have a Cat with Asthma.
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I don't want to risk sounding like a complete moron here...but is there any way it could be a hairball? I've never seen a cat make one, but I'd imagine it'd sound kindof wheezy.
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I don't know if this is the same thing but every once in a blue moon my cat will do this very funky sneezing fit. It's not a cough like a hair ball (she does that, too sometimes. LOL) . It's more like she's breathing in and out in very very short bursts through her nose. I think maybe an allergy attack or something? She only does it maybe once every couple of months.
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