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Cat urine & dishes

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My parents cat pee's on everything. I had a bunch of boxes with dishes in them in their garage and when i just went to get them out the box and paper that was wrapping the dishes had been peed all over. Not sure if it was once, or a habit.. I'm grossed out but hate to throw them all out, if I were to clean them and run then through the dishwasher will they be safe to continue using? Or, should I cut my losses and throw them all out? Some are brand new.. so frustrating.
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One off my boys did that when he was marking, which was quite a lot of urine for marking right on my dish rack on the kitchensink. I just washed them in boiling water and dish washing liquid. A dish washer is boiling water so I'm sure thats fine.
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It's probably not fresh, he could have been doing it for months and it's been just sitting in the box with it.. do you think that is still fine?
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I'm sure its still fine. boiling water kills everything. Its being sterilized. Don't worry, its fine.
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Just keep putting the pee in the litter tray. It sounds nasty, I know, but it will work. Keep doing it over and over again. Each time you do it, then bring your cat over to the litter tray and scratch it's paw through the litter. It may take a week, but almost everyone that I know who has done this has had success. Best of luck to you.

Peace ,
Rob & Sport
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Your dishes will be fine. I would soak them in the sink with hot soapy water and a bit of bleach to disinfect them really well. Then I would rinse them really well with lot's of hot water. Then I would run them through the dishwasher
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Yes the dishwasher will kill the germs. However, there may be a medical reason why your cat is peeing on everything. If the male is not altered, he could be spraying for territory. If he is, then it might be a UTI and he needs to pay a visit to the vet ASAP. If he's not neutered - get him done
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Yeah, Tiny sprayed a couple times before I got him neutered. Definitely yuk-smelling. He stopped spraying afterwards, seemed a lot less nervous and highstrung afterwards, too.
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