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Sunday!!! What's on Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Well the sun is actually shining here this morning but a little on the chilly side..
Great for sleeping though, I certainly didn't want to get out of bed this morning.

Heading off to work shortly, hoping to be done around 4..

Am making shrimp alfredo for dinner this evening and then planning on soaking in the tub for a bit and making it an early night.

The kitties are squirrel watching right now and the black squirrel they are watching is not impress by the attention, he is telling them off quite loudly..

Everyone have a great day
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As usual, Church and then out to lunch. I'll probably spend the rest of the day watching THE OLYMPICS.
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As soon as John gets up, we're going to go to some yard sales. We also have an appointment at 1 p.m. to go and meet a cat (yes, another ). Then, John has a guy coming to pick up a motorcycle that he sold on ebay, so we'll just have to wait around for him to get here and hopefully get some stuff done outside since it's going to be another beautiful day!
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Church at 10am, then DH will be bbq'ing spare ribs for supper with fresh corn on the cob
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Good morning

I'm procrastinating on vacuuming the bedroom. I'm still cleaning it up and making it nice for the new addition once we get back from vacation next Monday. The floor has kitty litter tracked on it, bugs that Katina caught, etc. Ick. But I can always find something more fun to do than vacuum

Going to clean out our 10gal fish tank that's been sitting empty for a long time. I want to get Fishy 4 when we get back from vacation too. (Fishy 1-3 were bettas, and Fishy 4 will be too ... this will be 4 fishies in 3 years, I'm not a fish murderer! ) Rob told me while I'm cleaning the fish tank in the shower, I might as well clean the shower too, so add that to my agenda

Going to make lunch soon, then hopefully Rob will know what he wants for dinner so we can either go out and get it or grab it outta the fridge (only option there is Johnsonville brats).
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And me with the unconventional work week... back to the store... 10-6 today as well as tomorrow. I need to get the backing fabric for the panel purchased for me by a customer last night (see my thread 'strange but good evening' for more on that). There's a coordinating fabric for it...

At least I'll be getting home before dark... which is nice.

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Its a nice sunny day with hi's only in the mid 70's!! But that doesn't motivate me to do some weeding/deadheading.

Mom and dad left about 30 minutes ago I ordered some stuff on the King Arthur flour website for the both of us before they left.

Neil is mowing-the lawn is pretty long.

He and dad cut down the dead ash tree and chipped up the branches so I have about 1 1/3 yards of chips to spread sometime.

We cleaned the garage and I got a funky new rug for the door that goes into the kitchen.

Not much going on-just a nice late summer day.
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I already cleaned the floor this morning and water almost all the plants again. Just too hot, 100+ with humidity, it is stressing the plants out. I still need to clean my room, go to the cemetery, and then come home to cook.

I have to do bills, send in my certification, work on pictures, balance the is just never ending, esp with no help.
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Went to Petsmart to see our shelter kitties - a little calico got adopted yesterday!

Ran errands, ate lunch. Now I am cooking up a storm for the week - soup, mixed fruit crisp (blueberries, peaches, etc.)

Nice Sunday dinner of fish, fresh sweet corn, salad and that crisp... then I take my BF home. Whew!!!
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Dottie is working weekends this month. It's her turn to watch the students going forward...and backward...and forward....and backward...and........

I met her for lunch, picked up her car (a knock-your-socks-off yellow Cobalt), and I'm going to change the oil in it.
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