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Da Bird!

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Blue found my hiding spot for Da Bird several months back and shredded it beyond repair. Tonight, we opened up a new one, and it brought out the wild side of my normally quiet and gentle Griffin! (Turn up the volume to see what I mean.) You can also see how nicely Sprout is getting along with the crew.

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I love it!
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Look at how little Sprout is compared to Griffin!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Look at how little Sprout is compared to Griffin!
I know. Even at 10mos, Griffin is easily the biggest cat in the house. DH calls him my cougar!
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That is too funny! He growls when he has it in his mouth!
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Ah yes... grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! A normally mild mannered cat goes nuts for a feather toy
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That's hilarious
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Oh yea, what a scary scary growl...not!
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Griffin growling He reminds me of my Mario Great video
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