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Interesting reply

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I don't know if you've read my poem "Lost and Found" in the Paws and Reflect section, but I got this interesting reply elsewhere about it:
"Meowmy is just so moved by this - when she first met me I was hanging out with a possum who allowed me to live with it for days before I was brave enough to enter the big house where Meowmy wanted me to come live - I too - lost my brothers and sisters under a bush and was abandoned by my real kitty Mom - I was the only one to survive as Meowmy found the remains of them much later and realized what had happened - thanks so much for that - Mom will never forget how I came to live with her - and I remember her face and big feet too - and that wonderful lap I finally let her put me on even though at first I almost fell through it! Pooter's
way to go - thanks-"
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Aaaaw! Now that just HAD to have made your day!
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Awwww a heartfelt reply to your lovely poem
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Wow! That is amazing And so heart warming too...
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