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Cat drinking fountains

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I'd like to get one or two cat fountains for my my guys to keep them from drinking out of their joghurt containers and to entertain them in the winter.

Anyone have recommendation as to what kind is best? My cats are all pretty large (9-15 pounds), aand all the pictures I've seen in the catalogues are of kittens, so I"ve no idea what fountain might be large enough for my furries.

Thanks again!

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depending on your cats' drinking preferences [do they like you to run the faucet for them, for example?] i'd get one of these:
Drinkwell Platinum
Petmate Freshflow - large size
i have both, plus the regular petmate. 4/5 of the cats prefer the petmates, 1/5 prefers the drinkwell.
i prefer the drinkwell - it needs refilling the least often & it's the easiest to clean.
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I have a Petmate Deluxe and a Cat-It. Your cats should be fine size-wise with any fountain, my boys are both 13.5lbs and are fine with the size of the fountains I have.
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I have the petmate. Hennessy loves it (he's 15 lbs.) and so does the dog (she's 13). They never share it at the same time though.
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I have the Original Drinkwell, and just bought the extra reservoir for it. Stimpy is 17 lbs, and Nabu is 9 lbs.
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I've tried the Drinkwell, PetMate and Cat It and my vote goes to the Drinkwell. I think the cats like it best as well.
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I've got the Drinkwell Platinum - definitely an uptick in drinking from it. Mine are 6 and 13 pounds, and it works fine for both. Good luck!
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