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Saturday's DT

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Ok I will start it again! I will have most of the day by myself.Ted has a meeting to go to. House work is a done.I don;t have my car,so I am stuck home today.Guess I just have to play with the kitty's all day!Or take a nap! Anyway hope everyone has a good day.
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Going to the library for Reading Buddies today. It's where they pair a teenager with a little kid and we just read books and colour. They haven't been able to find enough volunteers... I was only supposed to do it for three weeks but it's coming up to three years.
I don't mind it though. It's so great when you see a kid develop from not reading at all, 'til that last day where they can read you the whole book.

Then, I have to go to my Grandpa's house for his birthday party (he's 84).

After that, I have to come home and study all night for my two mid-terms on Monday. Worth 15% of my grade in math and chemistry. GAH! I only got 56% on my last test. It just feels like my brain is full and can no longer function. Last year, I was a 90+ student and now I'm lucky to get a 70.
Strange. I got 80% on my unit one chemistry test, which I didn't study for at all. I studied for hours for the unit two test, and I got 56%... ahhhhhh! /vent.

Anyway, I'd better get going. Have a good weekend everybody!
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That's so wonderful of you to spend time with kids that way!

Alex and I are probably going to go look around at churches today, before he goes to work. We still don't know where our wedding is going to be!! We have til next June, though, so we're fine. That's about it for me today! I'll probably be back on TCS later tonight while he's at work.
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I was awakened at 4:30, by a strange noise in the house. It turned out to be Rowdy, trying to open the shower doors. Oh, well - I needed to "go" anyway. Bill got up and let the dogs out and fed them.

We went back to bed and I actually slept until 7:00. Just as I woke up this VERY hairy fellow snuggled up next to me and insisted that I snuggle and pet him. Buddy is such a sweetie.

Got an e-mail, from Sam. Mark will be home tonight. He will be meeting with Sam, his drug counselor and their marriage counselor. I hope all of this works out. It seems that the Florida program has something hinky going on and is under investigation.

Sam is having Braxton-Hicks contractions, 5 minutes apart. The doctor says that she will deliver, within the next two weeks and her uterus is stretched to capacity. Better that she delivers, before the babies get too big - Sam's rather petite. If she delivers, before I start working, I can definitely be there. My new job starts May 5.

Bill's company picnic is today. We're going to put in a brief appearance. If it turns out, like the Christmas party, we won't want to stay anyway. Neither of us likes drunken idiots.

Have a good weekend!
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Ok, I just got down off my roof. The Architectural Review committee in my development sent me a letter that I had mold on the back of my house. So my friend Kris and I went up there this morning and scrubbed it with bleach. There was this one area over the screened porch that was difficult to reach. I had to lay on the sloped part of the roof and reach down to it. Yuck! I am fairly well filthy at this point.

Then we removed a section of the stupid chain link fence, which I hate. I would pull the entire thing out, but along the property line, it has to stay. My neighbor has 4 dogs that need a fenced-in yard. If I were to pull out my fence, which obviously was installed first, she would a) have to replace it, and b) she'd put in chain link again, so what's the point? We did remove the stupid gate, and it looks so much more open!

Next weekend, I lay my new sod. I really wish I had the $ to do all the projects I envision at once.

Later today, I'm off to a playoff hockey game (Tampa Bay Lightning) and SEINFELD!!!!!

Now time to hit the shower.
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Today, no this whole weekend I'll be staying in, due my braking my ankle yesterday.=( I've been in only yesterday afternoon and today so far I already feel stir crazy and it's not like I can clean or do anything really. So I guess I'll just be catching up on past emails and surfing around. Lucky me.
I hope everyone else goes out and has a little extra fun for me!!!!
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I went grocery shopping as I do every Saturday, and now it is jsut relaxation time here....pick up a little bit and let the kids go outside today since it is soo nice..suppose to get up to 78 degrees today...wohoo..
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I took my kitten to the vet for a recheck, and came home and watched a movie, which I rarely ever do, I watched White Oleander, with Michelle Pfeiffer, it was pretty good.
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Guess it is my turn now. Sockie's Mom, that is wonderful of you to volunteer your time with kids and share reading with them!

Deb- there is a strip of zinc metal that you can fasten down to your roof, so that when it rains, the water on the metal makes a solution that repels mold and washes the rest of the mold away at the same time. They make these in all shapes and sizes for your roof and you can find them at any home depot or hardware store.

This morning we had several new listers for Meowhoo.com. One cattery is from Latvia! We had two Russian catteries join us as well. That was pretty cool.

I overslept this morning and Mike was kind enough to feed the horses for me. Now, I have to give both of them baths- they are mudballs! Other than that, it is working in the shop getting ready for the upcoming show and working on the computer in the latter part of the day, plus mucking out stalls and cleaning up the damage from the last windstorm the other day that blew through here. Nothing major, just a bunch of young saplings blown down by the creek.
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Not much doing here today. I'm mostly taking it easy and enjoying some time with my hubby. We're barbecuing tonight, which I always like.

We went to see "Anger Management" last night. It was really funny! What made it funnier was that halfway through, the projector bulb blew, so we had to wait a few minutes for them to replace it. Menwhile, a girl sitting across from us starts swearing and yelling at the kid who came in to tell us it would be a few minutes. The irony was just too much!! Um, maybe she didn't get the point.
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Well, I am home after an eventful day. (What a switch for me!) Jerry Seinfeld was beyond absolutely hilarious! I laughed until I cried, and my friend thought I was going to need oxygen! The other irony was that the woman seated next to me sat with her arms crossed the entire time, and didn't so much as crack a smile! She looked like she was there as a hostage. That only served to make me laugh harder. What a great, great show!
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