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New cat/resident cat issues. Your thoughts

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We have taken in a second cat just over 4 weeks ago. Both cats were strays and are healthy. After doing the typical segregated introduction we are not seeing a decrease in the new cats aggression toward the resident cat.

The resident cat hissed a little but she is basically a softie. The new cat is young and scrappy and has been the aggressor since the beginning. She basically makes a move on the other cat 2-3 times a day. There has never been anything worse than some hissing and a small chase but the behavior does not seem to be waning. Lately a little fur has been seen but no ugly melee. She is a sweet cat and wants lots of attention and might be getting back at the cat that is stealing some of that from her.

The other cat doesn't sneak around as much as she used to trying to avoid the new one. However, she does keep to herself more than before.

We are still keeping the new cat separated at night while we sleep so the other cat can have the place to herself free from attack. We don't want her to feel that she can't move around freely.

Will this get better? Have any of you had similar experiences and how did it work out?

Any questions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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It definitely will get better it takes time. I brought one little boy in from the outside and he was about 4 months old. He chased all of my other cats, he was a little scrapper, he just wanted to play with them but they weren't having any of it, spits, growls, that didn't stop him as soon as he'd see one of the cats he'd chase them on 3 legs and left the other one up and free so he could poke them as he went by. As he got older he calmed down a lot, and they accepted him. Just give it a chance, it most always works out. If they don't become friends they learn to tolerate each other.

Good luck.
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I agree,
Things will get better, it just takes a little time. Just like when a new child comes in to a home, the first born is usually a little weird for a while. I know, I was the first born...so just give it a little fmore time and everyone will be a big happy family again.

Peace ,
Rob & Sport
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I feel you are right but my girlfriend is losing faith. She doesn't want her baby to feel threatened.

Just now the two were lying 2 feet from each other and a few minutes later the chase was on.
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