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What unusual things do your cats like to play with?

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I guess all cats have something unusual that they like to play with. Frank used to rip up books we have managed to get him off the books and now he will tear up newspaper which we don't mind so much. Max is crazy about elastic hair bands, he loves them, my mum once found a collection of 49 under the fridge where they had ended up and he couldn't get them out. My boyfriend's cat Fred likes to play with pens, never understood that one myself it might be because they roll.
Also Frank with never play with things in front of Max and if Max is palying eh watches disapprovingly but as soon as Max leaves the room he is interested. Any explanations for this?

P.S. Excuse my ignorance but what is this DH that everyone refers to?
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DH usually stands for Dear Husband

My cypress can't get enough of Q-tip cotton swabs! She hangs out on our bathroom counter in the morning, begs for us to turn on the faucet for a drink, and then she grabs a cotton swab and bats it around till it falls on the ground. I have a big closet there, and it has mirrored doors on a sliding track. Recently the doors wouldn't shut properly and I found Cypress had slung about a dozen of the swabs into the tracks.
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I replaced the batteries in my flashlight this morning, turned it on to check, and Athena chased the light beam! It's a super-cheap, unfocused beam. I moved it around a bit then swapped the flashlight for the laser pointer. She did follow the laser pointer, as usual, and both of my cats chase reflections, but I was honestly very surprised to see her chase a diffuse bright spot that is more than twice the size of her head!
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Ku Ku loves to play around with plastic cable ties - chews it, throws it in the air & catches it, also chases it around.

She does the same with bamboo skewer...dunno why. I worry about the sharp end, always snip out the sharper side before I throw one to her for playing, though.
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hehe, here's my weird & wacky list LOL:

- feather's
- leave's
- worm's
- stick's from tree's

believe it or not, they have plenty of toy's aswel!
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Salem loves destroying the blinds when there are clearly so many other things he's SUPPOSED to chew on
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Marley loves these toys I found at a cat show, I found more on ebay after that but haven't been able to find them since. They're foam toys in different shapes and they are infused with catnip. He likes the fish shape the best but he plays fetch with them, and carries them around in his mouth. He plays fetch with a lot of different toys as well but those are his favorite. Blue isn't really that playful but she really likes the laser pointer, they both love that.
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These are random things that, even though she has far too many good quality cat toys, Mitzi chooses to play with:

-Pen Lids
-Shoe Laces
-Bouncy Balls
-Aerosol Tops
-Anything small enough and what can be zoomed through the room at 90mph by her paw

BTW, we do watch her whilst she plays with these things, but she never tries to eat any of them, and we make sure we hide them whilst we aren't there.
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My slippers (not, thankfully, when I'm wearing them.)
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Cats are fickel creatures...that's probably why Frank doesn't 'appear' interested in Max's antics; I'm sure it has to do with him not wanting to appear foolish in front of another cat...they're like that you know...Hahaha

My cats LOVE pop soon as one is remotely empty around here, the cats are claiming it as their personal play toy; I've come home to pop cans rolled across the floor, because they destroyed the box with their antics...LOL! Not fun to trip on those full pop cans though!

I used to have toilet paper couldn't leave a roll of toilet paper within reach...but the cats I have now aren't like that; if it's on the floor it 'might' get a bit ruffled, but not all over the house like previously!

Packing peanuts quickly get stolen around here too, but I take them away when they start chewing them apart.

Plastic and paper bags are huge hits around here too; but they only get plastic ones when I am able to watch.

Pop caps are always a 'treat' too...I love the fact that cats will play with just about just makes them more enjoyable and entertaining
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Simba loves to play with pens, too. It is indeed the fact that they roll. Somehow he finds that fascinating. Murray got his paws once on a hi-liter that I was using for schoolwork and knocked it somewhere and I couldn't find it anywhere - but it turned up when we recently moved.

Simba used to like paper and plastic bags, but he got caught in a plastic bag once - was running all over the house with his head in the bag, I heard it was quite a sight, too bad I missed it! But my mom was afraid he'd suffocate himself. Eventually he worked his way out of the bag. But he was too scared to go in bags after that, even paper ones, and it's just as well because my mom is afraid to give him bags after that incident. He still gets to play in boxes, though.

Murray likes to play with bottlecaps - he bats them around the apartment. When we moved, I found a ton of them in various spots in the house, with them having been knocked behind furniture. Murray also likes to play with the brush I use on him - it's a hand-held rubber brush shaped like a cat, and he likes to roll it around and toss it up in the air.
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Jane has a fascination with hair accessories. She is obsessed with my headbands I use to keep my bangs back when I'm at home. I've had to buy more heavy duty ones, because the cheap ones that are plastic and just covered with fabric she de-ravels. They are all shredded when I get home! She throws them up in the air all day long. She can spot one across the room and BOLT for one. My favorite is hair ties, though. It's funny because she'll put it in her mouth and walk around with it... talk to us... look at us... just dangling in her mouth. She's quite talented in having it dangle while she talks.

She used to do pens, but once she discovered hair accessories, it was all over.
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Mardi Gras beads!! Last night I went to a football game (can't believe its that time of year already!!) and the giveaway at the door was beads. When I got home, I put them on the kitchen counter and George, the nosy guy he is, had to check them out. I took them away from him and put him on the floor and the beads ended up on the kitchen table. I turned around for something and I hear the clicking sound of beads coming from behind me. I figured George was just nudging them!! He had them in his mouth and he was running down the hallway with them It was hysterical I'm not sure where they would have ended up if I hadn't watched the whole thing unfold. Maybe I should add them to his collection of cat toys - he'll ignore them then for sure
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My Peanut LOVES elastic hair bands! She'll hope up onto the bathroom counter just to steal them. She also takes those hair clips that you have to bend to snap shut. Every now and then she'll try to take a pen that I'm writing with!
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My Yertle the turtle stuffed animal has been taken from my dresser 3 times by a cat, I'm assuming by Harley--he does weird things like that.

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Hmm... By "unusual that your cat likes to play with", you mean actual cat toys, right?? Especially the expensive ones! Those seem to be the most unusual things for cats to play with.

He he. Silly streak over, Evie's odd ball toys are hair ties! Though after reading on here, that's not very unusual... Truly unique, maybe, is the plastic cover I have on my laptop. Man, she loves to chew on and swat that thing! She's gonna make me take it off one of these days...

She also likes to chew on and play with plastic push bottles, like lotion bottles. It worries me, because I don't think it's good for her to eat that lotion, but I'm pretty careful at putting it away, cleaning it off, and buying the "nice" stuff to begin with. Silly kins!
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I have a new one! Besides what is apparently typical (hairbands, the rings from the top of milk jugs, bottle lids, etc), my kittens apparently enjoy attacking water bottles. I had a 16oz plastic bottle of water and finished it while I was playing with them, and then tossed it on the floor and proceeded to watch them bat it around for HOURS. And pick it up and roll it back and forth. It was hilarious.

Pixel also particularly enjoys what we like to call "tunnels." A tunnel is any crook in your arm, leg, other part of your body, blanket, pillow, shirt, pants, etc. that could potentially resemble a tunnel and therefore be crawled into by a cat. It is so funny. I left a little fleece blanket on the bed just so that she could tunnel under it all the time, because she was tunneling under the FITTED sheet. It was so funny. I would come into the bedroom and see Bamf and wonder where Pixel was, and then I would see a wiggling lump under the bedsheet. "Oh. Tunnel."

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Tubee loves pipe cleaners, twisted up or just plain, that is all he will play with!


Edit: Incase you don't know what they are this link shows them:
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I have reusable grocery bags which I leave by my kitchen door so as not to forget them come grocery day. Sunny likes to spread them all over the house and hides his toys in them. He'll also sleep in them. He lets me carry him around the house in them also. When I go to the grocery store, the bag boy always finds little surprises that Sunny has left in the bags.

I have a full length mirror propped up by the wall in my bedroom since the doors are too hollow to hang it on. Sunny likes to play with the kitty in the mirror. He will also spend hours chasing the kitty that he thinks is hiding on the other side of said mirror. He's a little crazy - but we love him that way
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Shadow loves to play with my hair ties and he also loves yarn! He also loves to play with my hair (it doesn't matter whether I know it is coming or not)!

I was so excited and bought lots of kitty toys from store and it is the simple things around the house that he loves!
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Plastic bags, wires, string, hair bands, paper, curtains, the strings on window blinds, anything that is small and spherical/cylindrical.

I had my car keys lying on the stairs, and when Jinx saw them he decided to just attack them lol.

It may not be too unusual, but his absolute favorite toy would be the dogs.
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Water bottle caps are probably Holly's favorite. Although, any kind of bottle cap gets batted around for a while. Pens and anything that rolls are always fun it seems.

Kitty thinks she is too cool to play with toys now that we have Holly. But she does still fully enjoy a paper bag to crawl into. She spends alot of time in and on them

Edit: Both cats will play with anything they can bat off the table. Usually an asthma inhaler or car keys. My poor fiance is always having to hunt for his things. The lids to asthma inhalers are also alot of fun I guess, since we find them all over the house!
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Try letting him play with a zip-tie. Just put it together and he al have a blast. My cat likes hair ties to but I can't let him have them becouse he chews them inhalf. I could not find some of the picese. So I stoped letting him play with them.
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The thread you are replying to has been dormant for 4 years.  Chances are, none of the original posters are still on here.  There are many current threads discussing unusual things cats play with.  I would suggest you find one of them and join in the discussion.

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Personally, I see nothing wrong with reviving a thread that is 4 years old. I have participated in threads that have been revived that were much older. We have members now that weren't members then that may like to join in, so I don't see any problem with that. 


Anyway, to answer the question, the strangest thing is when I worked in a warehouse, and I brought home some of those nylon straps that hold the boxes together. I would tie a few knots in them and they would raise up if a kitty stepped on one end. They would spend hours trying to "kill" it. Such an easy and free toy! 

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Originally Posted by tigercat24 View Post

Try letting him play with a zip-tie. Just put it together and he al have a blast. My cat likes hair ties to but I can't let him have them becouse he chews them inhalf. I could not find some of the picese. So I stoped letting him play with them.

That's very smart of you. I have read of cats who became very ill, and when they had to have surgery to find out what was wrong, a stomach full of hair ties was found. More than once, I have heard of this. Hair ties, rubber bands, bread ties, all not safe.

My cats like zip ties too. I check them frequently to see if they are getting chewed too much. My cats like bendy straws, too.
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Starbuck loves to play with q-tips.  She prefers used ones though.  I have to throw out used q-tips in a covered garbage can.  I let her play with un-used ones.  She tears them up and leaves the pieces all over the bathroom.  She does not try to eat them.

Also loves dental floss is only allowed supervised play-time.


Sonny loves to play with shoe laces that are attached to my shoes.  He tears them apart and leaves the pieces all over the house.  He does not eat them at all. Also loves dental floss which is supervised playtime only.


Tegato loves to play with the other cat's tails.  He will also chase the laser pointer. 

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Those are some imaginative toys! smile.gif I strongly recommend you do not let them play with dental floss, ever, even supervised. Why risk it when there are so many other, safer things? A cat can ingest a long thin string like that by accident before you can stop it. Once it starts down, it would be extremely dangerous to pull out, the cat would likely need surgery.
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My cat, baby doll, loves to play with a foam rubber dart ( the kind kids use in play guns ). She bats it around for awhile than picks it up and carries it around. She especially likes to take it behind a door and push it under to the other side,and then tries to see if she can snag it buy reaching under the door with her paw.

She also will show up when I'm trying to lace up my winter barn boots ( I train horses ) and loves to grab the shoelaces ( very helpful....not )

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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post

Personally, I see nothing wrong with reviving a thread that is 4 years old. I have participated in threads that have been revived that were much older. We have members now that weren't members then that may like to join in, so I don't see any problem with that. 


I was just pointing out that if they expected a reply from one of the original posters, they probably wouldn't get any.  I have no problem with opening old threads.  I wanted the new poster to be in the current discussions going on, and not get bogged down on one old thread.

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