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What to do for skin infection? (Pics)

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* pic warning for sensitive viewers*

One of my fosters, Dupree, had a prolapsed rectum when I got him 1 1/2 weeks ago. He spent 1 week at the vet while his rectum was healing. His anus still looks pretty sore and he is still not pooping the greatest ( loose stools, but he seems to have less control over them than he should. I imagine it is b/c the sphincter muscle is still healing). Because of the poo problems he always has some poo on his butt which also gets on the tail when his tail rubs on it. Even when I picked him up from the vet his butt was dirty, so I don't think the vet ever cleaned it for him So now the underside of the base of his tail has quite a sore on it from the poop!!!
Since he is a foster, I cannot take him to the vet until Monday, so until then is there anything I can put on it?? Are human ointments safe?

Poor thing...he can't even walk properly as he has NO muscle development in his hind legs. It is from walking funny and with is legs turned out when his rectum was prolapsed.

Here are some pics of his sore.


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Anybody have any advice?? Anything to put on it to help start its healing and help the pain? Can I use antibiotic ointment on it?
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Actually, it looks pretty clean. It also looks like it is healing pretty well. Can he lick at his bottom? If so, I would be careful about what you put on it. Vaseline would probably be the least problematic, although a mild antibiotic ointment, such as bacitracin or neosporin, would probably be okay (most veterinary antibiotic ointments and creams are human medicines, adapted to veterinary use.) I would stay away from anything that contains a steroid, such as hydrocortisone cream. I would be concerned that he could absorb too much systemically.
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Poor baby. One of mine gets hot spots from an allergy to fleas. I keep it clean with a damp cloth, then I dab a tiny bit of cortizone cream on it and work it in so there's no extra residue on it that she can lick. I just watch her for awhile until its absorbed in the skin. It helps until I can get her to the Vet. Good luck.
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Thanks to you both!

That picture was after I bathed his butt. The problem is poop keeps getting in it since he isn't pooping normally. I will try to neosporin-type ointment, hopefully that will help keep it from getting worse.

I have not seen him lick himself anywhere, especially his butt! Poor guy...I hope he gets better really soon. He's had a rough life already and he's only 7 weeks old!

Thanks again.
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