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Update on Mukluk

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My six year old cat Mukluk was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure a little over two weeks ago.
For the interested reader: Link to prior thread on Mukluk:

Mukluk went back to the vet yesterday. We scheduled the appointment when she was due for her subcutaneous fluids to see how her hydration was. The vet thought that she looked pretty good so I can give her fluids less frequently than every other day. I bought her a cat fountain and I think that is helping her to drink more. I also put ice cubes in the water when I'm home because she likes to play with them-and I think that also encourages her to drink more.
They got the blood work results in today and she is looking better there too. Normal BUN is 14 -36, when tested on 7/24 it was 97 and now it is 60 so that is still high but much better. Normal creatinine is .6 - 2.2 and she went from 4.4 to 3 so that is also an improvement. Her phosphate level was high but is now normal.
Also she gained some weight- from 5.8 to 6.4 pounds! I hope she keeps eating. She has thrown up a few times in the past few days so we are going to see if she does better with an antacid.
Please send your positive thoughts for little Mukluk to feel better. It has been so wonderful to have all the support that is available on this thread. Thank you all so very much!!!
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I am glad she is better and hope she stays well.
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I'm so glad to hear Mukluk is doing better. Prayers and that Mukluk will continue to improve.
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It's so wonderful that she's doing better. We will pray for her continued improvement
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Glad to hear that she is improving! Sending lots of vibes her way
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Thanks so much everyone for all the vibes, prayers, and positive thoughts. Mukluk and I are most appreciative!!! Does anyone know how much a CKF cats numbers for BUN and creatinine might improve? I am just wondering if this is as good as it will get or if she might improve further. I am waiting to hear from the vet so I can ask her but would certainly appreciate any input that might be offered here.
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Originally Posted by Cyndr03 View Post
...Does anyone know how much a CKF cats numbers for BUN and creatinine might improve? I am just wondering if this is as good as it will get or if she might improve further...
In April 2007, in an effort to learn as much as I could about CRF, I joined an online group of people who are caring for CRF kitties. Many of these people have years of experience in managing their cats' health. Others are "newbies", like yourself. Questions, again, like yours above, are put to the group and a wealth of experienced replies will follow. Individual ongoing health issues, immediate crises, Veterinary concerns...all of these and more are the focus of the group. Group members quickly discover that their collective experience and knowledge often far outstrips that of their individual Vets.

I have been following your posts and, from my perspective, I think you would benefit from the group's support. (You could always simply join and check them out.)

That group can be found by clicking here.

(BTW, that group was started and is maintained by the woman who owns [what appears to be] the foremost CRF information site which you can find here.)

From my reading and from my experience in that group, it is my conclusion that these numbers can move in any direction and there is no known predictor of just how your cat's kidney function will improve nor worsen. What is clear to me is that kidney insufficiency is manageable and that managing it really means very careful monitoring of diet, hydration, "bloodwork", urine and behaviour. It requires a sometimes delicate balancing act in using diet, hydration, drugs and suppliments.
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Thanks for the info Blaise, I just signed up for the group. It sounds like it will be helpful.
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