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cat may need home

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hi. my cat may have anxiety disorder. I am taking him to the vet Monday. The thing is, I just moved a week ago and I am alone and he is the only cat. I cannot get another and I think he needs to be with other animals or people that can spend more time with him. I feel awful-he's alone all day and I am only with him a couple of hours after work. I did have 2 cats at one time but she's gone now and I think he did much better with another feline.
If anyone is out there that can take him into a loving home (which I know you people love cats) please help.
This is very sad for me but I feel bed for him too!
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Our cat, Midnight, was Snowball's friend and playmate for 10 years. We had to put Midnight to sleep in August 2001, and at first, Snowball seemed depressed, lonely and very needy. He wanted a lot of extra attention from us in general, and also needed to spend a lot of time sitting on our laps being cuddled. He has now adjusted and is perfectly happy being the only cat.

How long has it been since the loss of your other cat? Maybe you just need to give this a little more time.
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I had two cats and one sneaked out the door when company was here--and got hit immediately by a car. My other kitty began acting like poster, LoriD's kitty. I do know that you can buy a homeopathic remedy (drops) for kitties at www.drsfostersmith.com --and I am sure, this is also available at other sites too! It really does work! I have since, gotten another kitty, who is now 6 1/2 months old. I found/rescued him when he was 4 weeks old, so my other kitty had to adjust to THAT too!! --But those drops helped her both times. Also, I have seen where other people put soft music on, when they are gone, and this seems to help too! I do hope you can find another answer, besides having to find another home for your kitty!
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