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Abandoned Cat Rescued

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On July 28, while sitting in my Florida room, I noticed a visitor walking toward our house. I wasn’t familiar with this mysterious feline and hoped he was just passing through. I should have known however, that great big neon sign apparently invisible to us humans lit up on the roof of our house with the message abandoned kitties come here.

He found his way to our sliding glass door where he was met with our own 5 very agitated cats. We didn’t feed him immediately because we weren’t sure if he was just stopping by to introduce himself. He was wearing a collar but was extremely thin. His visits occurred only at night so it was our sincere hope his owner was letting him out in the evenings but bringing him in during the day.

While we still held out hope our visitor belonged to someone by the third evening our optimism was fading and we brought out the spare bowls. He was very skittish so as not to scare him we just slipped the bowls of food and water though the door, then watched as he gobbled down his dinner. As long as he showed up we continued feeding him and gaining his trust.

A few evenings ago instead of slipping the bowls outside, my roommate decided it was time for our guest to get to know who she was. She placed the bowls on the patio then stepped back as our visitor readily accepted her offerings. To soothe his apprehension she crouched down to his level in doing so he cautiously walked over to my roommate for a pet. That was the green light our visitor needed. He now knew he had found a safe place. We waited one more night to gain his trust before we prepared him for his journey to our local Humane Society.

Though we feel a sense of loss for our feline guest, the volunteer who checked our little guy in said she’d been waiting for an orange and white cat to adopt. My roommate say’s well then you just got your wish!
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I'm so glad you found a home for this kitty in need!

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I love those kinds of posts. It warms my heart to read them. He found you and you in turn gave him a shot at life. With a shelter volunteer no less. Yay!!1
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