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Groenendael with health problems

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One of Mom's dogs (Jazzy) has been having some health issues that I wanted to ask about.

Jazzy is about 5yrs old

The problems started last November after he came home from getting Neutered. He developed some non-healing sores on his anus, his scrotal area and his lip. After many trips to the vet for bloodwork and such, the vet went and surgically removed some of the inflamed, non-healed tissue from the scrotal area and the lip. The scrotal area has since healed, but the lip and the anus are still inflamed and sore. Jazzy has been on antibiotics this whole time and Mom just recently took him off of these because they obviously weren't really helping. The vet also had mom feeding science diet to Jazzy. I recommended that mom switch foods to Innova or Solid Gold or Chicken Soup for Dogs and I think that she may actually follow through with that.

Has anyone had any experience with this sort of problem?

A specialist mentioned that it might be cutaneus lupus or a topical autoimmune disorder.

Will the food change help?

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it could but only in a servere allergy issue ... likely she needs to take Jazzy to the VET and have the sores biopsied... if a specialist is involved further testing is warrented
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Jazzy has been taken to the vet and a specialist and all that. I was just curious if anyone had any personal experience with this sort of issue.
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CUshing s.... liver failure ... and cancer all mimic that ...

Gigi has atypical cushing and had that for a while,... the sores should be biosped
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The sores have been biopsied and the results didn't show anything. He saw a dermatologist who suggested putting him on a medication for an autoimmune disorder. The problem with this is that the medication is part of the diagnostic process. The med could cause him to have renal failure and other health problems and Jazzy could never be taken off the med even if it doesn't help him. Mom decided that she couldn't do that.

I took some pics, but they aren't for the faint of heart.

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Does your mom have access to a holistic vet ?>?
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nope, but I have made some recommendations about lifestyle changes that might help. I had Mom switch from Science Diet to Solid Gold, I also asked that she add some probiotics to his food, and I shaved his butt so there was airflow to that particular sore. One of the reasons that I support her decision not to go on those horrible meds is that one of his sores healed up after the Dr surgically removed it and sutured the area shut. They tried that on his mouth sores and it didn't work, but maybe they didn't get the whole sores.
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