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Blood in urine - painful screams!!!

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My mom just called and her cat Mollie just made a horrible cry when she was trying to pee, then she got out of the litter box, got back in, got out, and went over and peed bloody urine into her food bowl.

What does this sound like? She is taking her to the ER vet now.
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Oow that sounds painful, i hope shes fine.Not sure what it can be.
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That sounds like a horrible UTI or kidney infection. Good thing she's taking her in right away!
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Its sounds very much like a UTI, she might have a stone, I have 2 cats that are prone to struvite chrystals. Good luck.
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Sounds like a Uti. Coco had Strovite Stones before and they were disolved with S/D. I hope the Vet does a Ultrasound. If its a Uti I can help her alot.
Just Pm again.
Coco had Struvite Crystal again last May.
Let me know how the Cat is.
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for Mollie! Hope she feels better soon!
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She had a urinary tract infection. They gave her some antibiotics and she's gonna be fine!
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I'm so glad Mollie will be fine. Continued for her.
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I hope she feels better. What Antibiotic did she get get?
Did they do a test that tells you what Antibiotic will work?
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